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The TRIZ Challenge: Applying TRIZ in Nicaragua

The TRIZ Challenge: Applying TRIZ in Nicaragua

| On 05, Jan 2002

Ellen Domb
I recently received this e-mail from Hugo Sanchez,, asking for ideas about using TRIZ in his job, helping small and medium-sized enterprises in Nicaragua, and combining TRIZ with other improvement concepts. Ian Care, our TRIZ Challenge editor, has had considerable experience with a global charitable organization, applying TRIZ in Africa and in Central America, to problems of delivering relief supplies and to problems of starting local businesses, and agrees that TRIZ can be used in a wide variety of environments.

I suggested that it might help to study TRIZ in Spanish, and referred Hugo to the TRIZ XXI web site,, developed by TRIZ Journal author Jose Vicente Gomila.

We hope that our readers will use their TRIZ experience and their business experience to help Hugo Sanchez in his efforts. Send suggestions directly to him, or to the TRIZ Challenge.

From: “hugo sanchez”,

Dear TRIZ friends:

Recently I came across the TRIZ JOURNAL and, frankly, it was an extraordinary experience for me. Since then I have been working in how to apply the main concepts to the case of Small and Medium Enterprises in the particular conditions of a small and poor country, like Nicaragua.

The general available methods of scientific thinking focus (it can be understood!) in problems related with developed countries. It is rather difficult to adapt all this information to the peculiar problems we face.

How things like Deming philosophy, TRIZ methods, and other can be applied in our “unusual” circumstances? I would like to receive some comments that direction.

Hugo Sanchez
Technical Director
Nicaraguan Institute for the Support of Small and Medium Enterprises.