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TRIZ Association News: MATRIZ, Altshuller Institute Altshuller Institute

TRIZ Association News: MATRIZ, Altshuller Institute Altshuller Institute

| On 30, Jan 2004

Official Information
Official News

On the 15th of October, the birthday of Genrich Saulovich Altshuller, we celebrated International TRIZ Day. On this Day G.S. Altshuller would turn 77. In many cities, this Day was marked by conferences, publications and some other TRIZ events. Starting in 1998, this Day is designated as the International Day of TRIZ. The Chuvash State University (Cheboksary) newspaper «Ulianovets» published an article about TRIZ Day. Publications commemorating the
TRIZ Day appeared in Petrozavodsk, Norilsk and other cities.

On this Day, the TRIZ Department was inaugurated at the Latvian Academy library.
Congratulations to our colleagues from Riga. The mail address of Latvijas Akademiska library is Litvijas Akademiska biblioteka, Rupniecibas iela, 10, Riga, LV-1010, Latvija. Direktorei Ventai Kocerei.


The Author of TRIZ G.S. Altshuller’s Memorial Plaque was unveiled in October 2003. The International TRIZ Association mounted Memorial Plaque in Petrozavodsk. G.S. Altshuller created and was the first President of the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ). Today, it lists 30 organizations from 10 different countries and thousands of TRIZ specialists among its members. Between 1990 and 1998 G.S. Altshuller lived and worked in Petrozavodsk.

Administration of Petrozavodsk supported our proposal to install the Memorial Plaque (sculptor S. Cherepanov) on the wall of the house where our Teacher lived and worked. It was possible owning to help from the following Altshuller’s students and follower’s: V.K. Beliltsev, M.S. Gafitulin, V.F. Kaner, A.V. Kislov, SU “TRIZ-MNOCIT” – Moscow, M.S. Rubin, A.B. Selutsky, M.N. Shusterman (Russia); TRIZ Association of Israel; S.S. Litvin (USA); M. Luchin (Estonia); M.I. Meerovich, A.F. Narbut, N.N. Narbut (Ukraine); A.V. Seredinsky (France); A.A. Guin, V.I. Timokhov, (Belarus); International Project of “Jonathan Livingston”.

The Memorial Plaque was unveiled on October 15th at 3.00 p.m. The ceremony was attended by Altshuller’s students and followers from Petrozavodsk, the representatives of Genrich Saulovish’s family, the representatives from the Legislative Assembly of Republic of Korelia; various Ministries, and from various State Departments and enterprises of Korelia. We shall keep the memories about G.S. Altshuller in our harts forever. The Official website of G.S. Altshuller Fund was open On October 15, 2003, at

The site contains the following materials:
· More than 100 articles by G.S. Altshuller;
· Complete list of Altshuller’s publications;
· Excerpts of Altshuller’s correspondence;
· Some photo, audio and video materials;
· Information on legitimate copyright owners at
· You can download a free e-book “Introduction to TRIZ. Basic ideas and approaches” on

The Official Fund of G.S. Altshuller and the legitimate copyright owners give thanks to “TRIZ-CHANSE”, a System of Consulting Firms ( and, for their help in creating the website and the e-book. We have tallied the results of the 4th annual creative problem-solving contest, organized by MATRIZ for high school and college students. Traditionally, we tally these result to coincide with the International TRIZ Day.

The contest is sponsored by the Invention Machine Corporation.
The contest “TRIZ-2003” was devoted to the topic of water. The contest received a total of 138 projects. Some addressed particular contest challenges, and some selected independent topics.
High school and college students, as well as TRIZ instructors from Russia, Israel, and Belarus participated in the competition.

The results were broken down between 6 age groups: Grades 1-4; Grades 5-7; Grades 8-9; Grades 10-11; college students; TRIZ instructors.

This year we have tried to expand our abilities to evaluate contestant’s projects. First experience has shown that participation of experts from different cities makes evaluation process more objective. We want to thank Sergey Anatolievich Dmitriev, Vladimir Anatolievich Dmitriev, Serge Alexandrovich Privalikhin (Krasnoyarsk), Alexandr Vilshtein (Israel, Beer Sheva) for their great effort in evaluating presented projects.

The official diplomas of the International TRIZ Association contest and prizes will be sent to the winners. The best works will be placed on the MATRIZ website.

On October 15, the 77th anniversary of G.Altshuller’s birthday, a department of TRIZ literature opened at Latvian Academic Library in Riga. On this day, the Latvian TRIZ Association conducted a conference during which the participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with the
TRIZ materials available in the library.

The conference was opened by the director of the library Venta Kocere. A master of TRIZ Yuly Murashkovsky gave an overview of the modern TRIZ and told the participants about the International TRIZ Association. The head of the Latvian Central Election Committee, Arnis Cimdars, shared the experience in the use of TRIZ for resolving problematic situations connected with the organization of elections. A certified TRIZ specialist Alexander Sokol, as well as his colleagues Edgar Lasevich and Inga Ieraga, made presentations dealing with the use of TRIZ in language teaching.

Among the conference participants were a cultural attaché of the French Embassy in Latvia, an English Language Teaching and Education projects manager of the British Council Latvia, the head of the English Department of the Faculty of Modern Languages of the University of Latvia, as well as representatives of the administration and students from various institutions using the programmes based on TRIZ.

Robin Munro published an article describing the results of the contest in the “Moscow Times”. The article can be found on ttp:// The Fund of the International TRIZ Association received the following materials from M. Shusterman – 4 videocassettes with materials from the Congress and the Conference of the International TRIZ Association in Petrozavodsk (2003). We express our thanks to Michail Naumovich for this contribution!

The Vice-President of MATRIZ, V. Timokhov, organized the production and publishing of the MATRIZ Bulletin. The first issue of the Bulletin was distributed in September. The new information resource will provide the more complete coverage of the World TRIZ-movement. We started the development of the new MATRIZ website.

Sergei Ikovenko (Boston) is appointed as the Vice-President of MATRIZ for International Development. (

G.A. Severinets – the Chairman of the Council on Methodology of “Samsung TRIZ Association”, Certified TRIZ specialist, was made a member of the MATRIZ Council on Methodology by the decision of the Presidium of MATRIZ on September 10th 2003. The European TRIZ Association (ETRIA) elected Denis Kevaluchi (France, Strasburg, certified TRIZ specialist), the new President. Denis assumed the post on October 15, 2003. The MATRIZ Expert Council has been expanded. A. Lubomirsky (TRIZ Master) ( joined A. Guin (Council Chairman), U. Murashkovsky and V. Timokhov.

We congratulate our colleagues with these appointments and look forward to active cooperation.

The formation of the executive branch of the MATRIZ is not complete. We welcome your ideas on MATRIZ management structure and personnel appointments.


I got acquainted with Lubov Anatoljevna in 1989 at the conference in Petrozavodsk. That was the year when the International TRIZ Association was founded.

Years passed and now in 2003 Kozhevnikova L.A. has an anniversary. Here is information which we could find about this woman in the Internet.

Date and place of birth: October 24, Chelyabinsk city
Education, academic degree, status: Chelyabinsk State Institution of Culture, 1976
Carrier: Since 1976 – Universal Scientific Library of
Chelyabinskaya Region
Scientific interests: TRIZ
Publications: Guide of TRIZ materials fund of Universal Scientific
Library of Chelyabinskaya Region – Chelyabinsk, 1991
Membership of national and international Member of the International TRIZ Association organizations, associations:
Honorary titles, awards, prizes: Sign “For perfect work” of the Ministry of Culture
In 1987 a TRIZ section in the Universal Scientific Library of Chelyabinskaya Region was created and that was a significant milestone in the TRIZ movement development. Before this event Altshuller G.S. had tried to create TRIZ scientific archive but there was no success until he has met Lubov Kozhevnikova. Henry Saulovitch introduced a new rule for all the TRIZ authors and for himself: 1-2 copies of any work devoted to TRIZ must be sent to the Universal
Scientific Library of Chelyabinskaya Region. This rule has been observed for many years. The Fund of Universal
Scientific Library of Chelyabinskaya Region still remains the largest fund of TRIZ materials. On its base many seminars, TRIZ literature overviews were carried out. The Fund contributed much to Chelyabinsk to stay one of the centers of international TRIZ movement development. In 1987-89 there was an agreement between the Universal
Scientific Library of Chelyabinskaya Region and the International TRIZ Association concerning TRIZ materials fund development.

An undoubted merit of Lubov Anatoljevna is creation of library classifier of TRIZ materials. As far as we know, it is the only functioning official classifier of TRIZ literature.

In 2000 the International TRIZ Association gave the TRIZ specialist certification #1 to Kozhevnikova L.A.
Kozhevnikova L.A. has created the most full and accurate review of G.S. Altshuller’s works. Her reviews of the TRIZ materials fund are also considered to be the most profound reviews of TRIZ materials.

In 1998 OO “TRIZ -Forum” was established on the initiative of Kozhevnikova L.A. She still holds the post of the Head of this organization. Members of this organization get information about TRIZ permanently. Since 1998 in Chelyabinsk an annual scientific and practical conference «Development of creative abilities in the course of education and upbringing on the base of TRIZ » is being held.

In the International TRIZ Association the position of Kozhevnikova L.A. was called TRIZ materials fund keeper (better administrator). It sounds like home fireplace keeper…

We want all the wishes of Lubov Anatoljevna Kozhevnikova to come true and wish her all success!
President of the International TRIZ Association, Rubin M.S.

We completed the initial experimental sta ge of MATRIZ multi-step certification.
The initial experimental stage of MATRIZ multi-step certification was completed on October 15, 2003, the International TRIZ Day.

G.S. Altshuller started MATRIZ certification process in 1998 when he issued 65 TRIZ Master
Diplomas. At the same time he commissioned MATRIZ to organize future certification of TRIZ specialists.

In 1999 MATRIZ Congress adapted the Regulation on TRIZ Specialist Certification. To date,
MATRIZ certified 56 TRIZ Specialists. There are more applications in the process of review.
Between 2001 and 2003 MATRIZ developed ? multi-stage process of user attestation and specialist certification. The process was adapted at the Session of the MATRIZ Presidium on June 26,2003.

The newly created MATRIZ Council on Methodology, M.S. Rubin is the manager,
U.S. Murashkovsky (“Alternativa”), A.V. Kislov (Regional SU “TRIZ-Petersburg”),
M.N. Shusterman (“TRIZ-Norilsk”), A.F. Narbut (“KOMKON*TRIZ), V.I. Timokhov.
(“BelOOTRIZ”), U.P. Salamatov (“TRIZ-Krasnoyarsk”), F.A. Severinets (Sumsung TRIZ
Association), uses this process as the basis for its function. Every member of the MATRIZ Council on Methodology serves as the manager of the Regional Council on Methodology.

The attestation and certification process consists of 5 levels: the First Level (Beginner); the Second Level; the Third Level; the TRIZ Professional; the TRIZ Master. At the present, we are working on first three levels of attestation. The Research Activity Advisor to the MATRIZ President, Julius Solomonovich Murashkovsky, is assigned the task of collecting and analyzing data on attestation and certification process.

This year, the MATRIZ Council on Methodology developed and adapted attestation and certification test assignments; we also finalized the process of interaction with regional organizations on conducting attestation.

At the present, we completed attestation of 51 TRIZ specialists from Russia (SU “TRIZNorilsk”), Belarus (BelOOTRIZ) and Korea (“Sumsung TRIZ Association”). 22 First Level Certificates, 28 Second Level Certificates and 1 Third Level Certificate were entered into the MATRIZ Certification Register.

The attestation at the Public TRIZ Organization – “Samsung TRIZ Association” (STA) Recently organized Public TRIZ Organization, “Samsung TRIZ Association” (STA), conducted TRIZ attestation and attested 24 people (20 to the Second Level, 4 to the First Level). The Chairman of the STA Council on Methodology, George Severinets, thanks every colleague who helped in organization and took part in conducting of this attestation.

The two versions of the certification test assignments have been approved Three sessions of Council on Methodology took place in September: the first session in Petrozavodsk, with all Council Members in attendance; and the second and third session by phone conference. The Council on Methodology approved two sets of the certification tests assignments: the first one proposed by U.P. Salamatov for the SU “TRIZ-Krasnoyarsk” and the second developed by J.S. Murashkovsky and A.V. Korzun. Thus, the MATRIZ methodological support of certification process started to take shape.

We continue to work on attestation process. This work is aimed at improvements in quality of schooling in training of TRIZ specialists.



From the 19th till 29th of October, the President of the International TRIZ Association Mikhail Rubin visited Korea on invitation from Samsung Electronics.

Basic meetings of the visit
The visit of Mikhail Rubin to Korea consisted of two big parts. The first part was organized by Samsung Electronics Co. and was devoted to relationship between IATRIZ and “Samsung TRIZ Association”. Second part of the visit is connected to meetings and discussing with other companies of Samsung Group (Samsung- SAIT, Samsung-Electromechanics) and Korean companies and organizations which involved in TRIZ motion and activities in Korea.

From 20 till 22 of October a seminar for the Samsung engineers was held.
On the 23th of October President of IATRIZ took part in the TRIZ festival which is held at Samsung Electronics annually. October 24, meetings with a number of other Korean organizations using TRIZ (LG Household & Health Care, Hansol, etc.) took place.

IATRIZ President M. Rubin also met with the representatives of Samsung SAIT. This company actively has been using TRIZ since 1998.

October 25, President of IATRIZ was invited to the holiday devoted to the semi-annual event in Samsung R&D Innovation Center. By tradition this event is celebrated by a group exciting climbing?.

On the 27th and 28th of October negotiations with leaders of the Korea TRIZ Association were held. On behalf of the Korea TRIZ Association its Chairman Jong-Su Kim took part in the negotiations. At the end of these meetings a cooperation agreement between the International TRIZ Association and the Korea TRIZ Association was signed. On the 28th of October a lecture and a meeting at Samsung Electro-Mechanics took place. In particular meeting of Jaejo Kim, Ph.D. Vice President / CTO Central R&D Center with President of IATRIZ Mikhail Rubin and vice-president of IATRIZ Sergei Ikovenko was held.

Main contacts and results
As mentioned before the first part of the visit (October 20-22) was organized by Samsung Electronics and particularly by Value Innovative Program Center and his director Jong-Hae Lee (Vice President Samsung R&D Innovation Center Corporate Technology Operations.

Organizational work of this part of the visit was mostly done by members of the TRIZ-group under the direction of Dong-Lyoul Shin (Principal Engineer/Innovation Master/ VIP Center /R&D Innovation Center/CTO).

One of the primary purposes of the visit was connected with finishing the work on Samsung Electronics specialists’ attestation. That work has been realized on the base of public organization “Samsung TRIZ Association” which is the member of IATRIZ. Main part of training and methodological work was done by Jeong-Seon Kim (PhD, Senior Engineer, Innovation Master), Jun-Young Lee (Senior Engineer, Innovation Master), Min-Jung Kim (Interpreter), Valery Cherniak (PhD, TRIZ Consultant), Valery Krasnoslobodtsev (PhD, TRIZ Consultant), Alexander Narbut (TRIZ Consultant), Georgy Severinets (TRIZ Consultant).
The Board of Methodology of «Samsung TRIZ Association» completed a really huge task that included methodological work, the applicant’s requirements were defined more precisely, many papers were gathered, etc. As a result, 24 engineers among 100 were chosen for further attestation. 4 certificates of the 1st level and 20 certificates of the 2nd level were issued.
The 2nd level certificates were presented by director Jong-Hae Lee, Vice-president of R&D Innovation Center Samsung Electronics. This event took place during TRIZ Festival on the 23rd of October.

The important thing is that the TRIZ methodology was used for the concrete projects results. The results of the projects implementation were presented at the exhibition organized during the Festival. A total benefit from the solutions made with the use of TRIZ is estimated at more than $180 million a year.

Samsung Electronics have plans for cooperation with the International TRIZ Association in the sphere of specialists’ attestation in the future.

Regarding other part of the visit. The agreement with the Korea TRIZ Association has been singed and this document is related to cooperation in a few fields: specialists’ attestation and certification, TRIZ training, organization of TRIZ conference or symposium, TRIZ publications. Korea TRIZ Association would like to join to International TRIZ Association and prepare all necessary documents for completion of this task. Natalja Narbut, TRIZ master serves as a curator on behalf of IATRIZ. Joint activities of IATRIZ and Korean TRIZ Association will be devoted to training of schoolchildren, students and representatives of small businesses. Large companies such as Samsung and LG are able to organize the training of TRIZ specialists on their own.

An agreement on cooperation was also reached during talks with «TRIZ Korea Inc. Company » and representatives of Samsung SAIT. In this part of visit the following persons helped in solving organizational problems: Vasily Lenyashin (TRIZ -expert, Samsung SAIT), Young-Il Kim (President/Business Development TRIZ Korea Inc).

It is important that at present time the following persons from Korean companies have handed over their applications for getting TRIZ Specialist Certificates from IATRIZ: Dong-Lyoul Shin, V.Lenyashin, V. Chernyak, A. Skuratovitc, Young-Il Kim, Hyo-June Kim. This applications are in process now.

Development of TRIZ in Korea
Korea is, probably, the country of the most active development of TRIZ now. Since 1997 TRIZ is being taught in many different organizations there by such Masters of TRIZ as Zinovy Royzen, Nikolai Homenko, etc. Dr. Sergei Ikovenko (Invention Machine Corp.) also contributes much to training of engineers in Korean companies.

In 1998-1999 in Korea interest in TRIZ quickened. At that time TRIZ specialists working here could get patents, which allowed saving hundreds of million dollars. As a peculiarity of TRIZ development in Korea we can mention its professional use in large companies, training of own specialists-engineers and TRIZ application to the state system of education. TRIZ literature is being translated into Korean, training is carried out regularly, sites devoted to TRIZ and methodical manuals are created. We can suppose Korea becomes an example of TRIZ introduction on the governmental level. That means there is harmonious system of TRIZ application in the different directions for private companies, universities, state educational system and scientific institutions. Only the International TRIZ Association can systematically introduce TRIZ on such a level because it is able to get different specialists and companies to take part in this process.

It is also the point that TRIZ training is connected to the linguistic features of language and traditions of the specific country in which TRIZ introduction and training takes place. TRIZ moving to another cultural environment is an incitement to theoretical investigations of TRIZ mechanisms, for instance Standard Solutions, ARIZ, Trends of Technical Systems Development, etc.

2003-11-03News from Regional Organizations
From MATRIZ Vice-President for International Development Sergei Ikovenko Review (July – September 2003) As a rule, the business activities in Europe and USA slow down in the summer. However, many interesting events in TRIZ field took place during that time in different countries of the World.

It was Australia at this time – the country of the furry coals, blue sky and sea breeze. Until now we did not have much information on TRIZ dissemination in Australia – broad introduction of TRIZ in this continent is yet to happen. From time to time, a small company TRIZ4U (“TRIZ for You”) headed by Ury Belsky, conducts TRIZ seminars. However, they focus their activity on Malaysia and Singapore and not on Australia, per se.

Nevertheless, recently the situation started to change. The Consulting Group ?TG with welldeveloped contacts within industrial, science and government organizations of Australia started to disseminate TRIZ in earnest. In September they conducted a number of successful presentations as well as introductory and educational seminars for some of the leading Australian companies. The management and the engineering personnel of ?TG are really devoted to TRIZ and, perhaps, are becoming one of the main TRIZ centers on the Australian continent.
! Hasta luego en TRIZ, amigos! (Until the meeting in TRIZ, friends! Spanish.) Spain! The hot sun, the flamenco, Garcia Lorka, Alhambra. The Spanish people are very emotional and, without a doubt, the attitude towards TRIZ is passionate as well. Quietly, without much ado, TRIZ in Spain gradually gains popularity. The number of companies and individual consultants provide TRIZ based lectures, education and consulting. One of the leading TRIZ companies in Spain is TRIZ XXI from Valensia. Its employees are well prepared and posses certain TRIZ expertise. For example, Jose Vicente, one of the key TRIZ specialists of TRIZ XX1, completed 194-hour TRIZ study program (approved by G.S. Altshuller and published in the materials of the Third TRIZ Congress). The experienced TRIZ practitioner and the Master of Innovation, Vicente conducts seminars and consulting projects applying TRIZ. More and more companies become familiar with TRIZ, begin using it and found it extremely effective; some of those are Grupo Uralita, Plasticos Mondragon, Robert Bosch Espana, CETENASA, Inasmet, Instituto Technologia Ceramica and others.

Some Universities in Spain have introduced TRIZ courses into education process, or, at least, the courses on the methods of technical creativity, which include TRIZ. Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Fundacion Universitat Politecnica de Barcelona, Mondragon Eskola Politeknikoa, Universitat Jaume I is only the partial list of those. Jose Vicente Gomila
It is good to have contradictory name, isn’t it?
Should we solve the contradiction now or let it be? The experience suggests that it is good to have contradictory name rather than not. The contradiction in the name of a company attracts attention and forces to think about it – Pragmatic Vision (pragmatic vs. vision), Invention Machine… Who is next?

Holland is not a large country, however, its economy is larger than the economy of huge, by comparison, Brazil! It is no wonder the TRIZ is well received there. Various TRIZ-events are taking place, participation in the ETRIA, a number of TRIZ based companies (InBITween, Insytec, etc.), development of TRIZ based software, TRIZ courses at the universities.

The leading companies in Holland have already started TRIZ implementation in earnest. Take for example, DSM (Dutch State Mines) – a chemical giant, which, on occasion of its one-hundredth anniversary, was authorized to add “King” to its name (and again the contradiction in the name – State-King!!). There is a group of well educated and experienced TRIZ consultants, which calls themselves TRIZpertise Group (TRIZ + expertise) – Wim Elshout, Patrick Hendriks and others. At the present time, this group received the department status – The Center for Innovations Support! A recently formed company works in close cooperation with DSM in the “TRIZ fields” of Holland. How about the contradictions in this name?

Please allow us to introduce – Original Copy! The TRIZ approach, isn’t it? Original solution based on a standard model.

Although Original Copy is a relatively young company, its people are experienced specialists with profound TRIZ education and with extensive industrial experience. There is no doubt that the Original Copy will make its own input into the TRIZ activity of Holland and Europe. www.dsmdisc. com

This information was compiled by Sergei Ikovenko
The meeting of the two members of the public TRIZ organizations
The meeting of the two members of the public TRIZ organizations took place in October;
these are “MOOTRIZ” (Moscow) and “Voshozhdenie” (Zhukovsky).

In the informal, yet businesslike conversation, these organizations discussed the following topics:
1. “The TRIZ Day” – the memory of the Creator, contemporary TRIZ, development outlook (M.S. Gafitulin, “Voshozhdenie”).
2. «The Academy of Innovations»: ideas, processes, results (P.P. Surkov,” Voshozhdenie”).
3. “TRIZ in motion”: seminars, exhibitions, conferences, articles in publication (M.S. Gafitulin, P.P. Surkov, ” Voshozhdenie “).
4. About G.S. Altshuller’s website (N.G. Kaloshin, “MOOTRIZ”).
5. About the methodological developments (A.I. Gasanov, “MOOTRIZ”).
6. Other business (A.V. Revenkov, N.G. Kaloshin, “MOOTRIZ”):
· About the published textbook by A.V. Revenkov “Introduction to the analysis of the technical objects”;
· About the award upon M.A. Stepanchikova by the Russian Society of Inventors and Rationalizers;
N.G. Kaloshin – the Chairman of the MOOTRIZ Council (
M.S. Gafitulin – the Chairman of the SU ” Voshozhdenie” (

International Conference – «Participation of the young scientist and pedagogues in the development and implementation of innovation technologies >>
The International Center of Teaching Systems (ICTS). The Ministry of the Education of the Russian Federation and the Moscow State Industrial University (MSIU) will conduct the International Conference on «Participation of the young scientist and pedagogues in the development and implementation of innovation technologies»; Moscow, November 24-28, 2003.
The target of the conference is the development of research cooperation between the young Russian scientists, postgraduates and students with their foreign colleagues.

One of the sections: Section 4. Creative engineering education and innovation technologies (research manager – director of the International Scientific Center of continued creative education NFTM-TRIZ CENTER, doctor of pedagogy, professor, Master of TRIZ M.M. Zinovkina).

The Chairman of the Organization Committee – professor N.G. Hohlov, rector of the MSIU Vice-Chairman – professor of the UNESKO S.I. Peshkov.

The thesis and the application for the participation offered in e-form until 30th of September 2003 by the following e-mail: or on 3.5″ disk by the following post address: 115280, ? ?????, ? ???????????? ??., 16. ?. 1214, 1215 – ? .? . ?????????. Contact phone: 7 (095) 274-6078.

From September 2003, form 10 students at four different schools of Latvia have studied English upon an integrated programme which provides the development of both linguistic and TRIZ skills. The programme is developed by a certified TRIZ specialist A.Sokol, together with J.Sokol and E.Lasevich.

(More detailed information on methods and materials underlying the programme can be found at
All the teachers involved in piloting the programme attended the seminars conducted by the authors during last academic year. As a result of the experiment, we plan to develop an integrated programme for teaching English and TRIZ in an upper-secondary school.

We look for collaboration with any foreign language teachers who would like to introduce TRIZ in their professional activity. You can contact us at From September 2003, Alexander Sokol has delivered a course “The Thinking Approach to Language Teaching” at the Faculty of Modern Languages of the University of Latvia. The course deals with possible ways of integrating teaching a foreign language and TRIZ and is offered to students of the professional programme “English Teacher”.

New Books on TRIZ. News Postings
New Book publications
The books of TRIZ-pedagogies
Ukraine – The “Teach Book” publishers published the stereotype reprint of the Anatoly
Guin’s book “Principles of pedagogical techniques”, in Russian, and the stereotype reprint of Svetlana Guin’s book “The first days in school” by
E-book «Introduction to TRIZ >>
The e-book – «Introduction to TRIZ. The basics ideas and approaches» is available for free download on the official website of Genrich Altshuller accessible This book provides systematic description of basic ideas, terms, models and approaches of TRIZ-RTV-TRTL written by the original developer of the theory – Genrich Saulovich Altshuller. First and foremost, this book is aimed at anyone, who is interested in TRIZ-RTV-TRTL, as well as the instructors and teachers of these subjects.

Presenting of e-postings on TRIZ
English language TRIZ in Russian
On the development of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) abroad. The postings contain the abstracts of the articles, published in English on the Internet. This is a joint project of the following websites: and
Lead author Nikolay Shpakovsky
Published monthly
E-postings and archive subscription services by
Inventing the tumbling doll (van’ka-vstan’ka)
About the typical methods of resolving the contradictions (one of the tools of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), created by G.S. Altshuller), and about its use in the invention of tumbling dolls.

Posted by Nelli Kozyireva (Belarus)
Published 1 or 2 times per month
E-postings and archive subscription services by And also the e-postings of Valentina Berezina (Cheliabinsk, Russia) and Viktor Timokhov (Belarus)
What is intellectual property?
The news on intellectual property
The news on the project “”
Editor – V. Timokhov, the member of the Presidium and the vice-president of MATRIZ,
Translation into English by Vlad Semyonov.
Editor of English version – Mark Barkan,
Publishing of the Bulletin is sponsored by ? ? ? «Izlabs» and the project
We want to thank our colleagues for the information they sent to us.

We ask our colleagues to participate in the production of the Bulletin. Please send all pertaining information and news, as well as your ideas on how we can improve the Bulletin and MATRIZ website. We sincerely count on your help and support.

The next issue of the Bulletin will be published on 15th January 2004.

How to subscribe
At the present, please send your subscription request, including e-mail address, to Viktor Timokhov
In the future – by using the subscription request form on MATRIZ website.
Date: 11/30/2003

TRIZ – the next Evolution in Innovation (November 2003)
In the United States, the holiday of Thanksgiving has past. It is a time when families gather tocelebrate their blessings.
We here, at the Institute, also wish to celebrate our joy and happiness in the growth of TRIZ in all corners of the globe. Tell your friends to sign up and keep up with the latest happenings in the TRIZ community and at the Institute.
Yours truly,
Richard Langevin, Executive Director
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Special Project — Book Promotion
The conclusion of this fabulous opportunity to buy best selling introductory TRIZ book in the English language for pennies on the dollar has been extended. Because we overestimated the ability of businesses to quickly respond to this offer, the deadline for submitting pledges has been extended to 15 December. In a gallant effort to provide 1000’s of individuals with some working knowledge about TRIZ, the Institute and Technical Innovation Center, Inc. have collaborated to sell the book “And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared”, by the case (56 books).

The size of the discount will depend on how many cases that are sold during this promotion. We hope that 75%-85% discount will be reached. Whether you buy 1 case or 50+ cases, all participants will receive the same giant discounts.

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry. Pledges must be received by 15 December 2003. Just send me an email and I will get you a pledge form.

Let’s spread the benefits of TRIZ to the WORLD.
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TRIZCON2004 — next step for presenters
Another powerful Conference — TRIZCON2004 is beginning to take shape. It will be held in Seattle, WA on 25-27 April 2004. Mark your calendars now and plan to have the best time of your life.

The Abstracts to date are providing much new and valuable information on the application of the TRIZ methodology. Case studies are coming in from Korea, China, Iran, UK, Belgium and the USA. The deadline for Copyright License Release, Conference Registration and Membership forms and fees need to be submitted by 5 December. Please follow the CHECKLIST of due dates as posted on the website.

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Altshuller Institute President is honored…
It is a great honor and privilege that ASQ’s Nominating Committee share the slate of candidates for 2004-05 for five Board of Director positions. It is with great pleasure that Larry R. Smith, Quality Coach, Ford Heritage Program, Ford Motor Company be selected as a National Director. Congratulations, Larry. We wish you the best in your new position. Latest TRIZ article
Profit magazine from Oracle Publishing has released the latest TRIZ article in the November issue. This article was written by Marta Bright reflects interviews with Larry Smith, Ford Motor Company; Zinovy Royzen, TRIZ Consulting and Zion Bar-EL, Ideation International. To read the article online … >>
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