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TRIZ Application

TRIZ Application

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1789
Posted by: mehdi
Posted on: Thursday, 1st April 2010

Hi .How triz can help us to create new forms for example in Product Design ?Thanks.

Message: 1794
Posted by: Tushar
Posted on: Wednesday, 7th April 2010


I am not sure what you mean by form. However TRIZ can be very well used in product design to increase the ideality of the product. The ideality is defined as UE/(HE+Cost)

UE- Usefule Effect

HE – Harmful Effect

Message: 1795
Posted by: mehdi
Posted on: Wednesday, 7th April 2010

Hi My means of form is shapes , what we can see without function . for example we have an usual chair , now we want to have an more interesting form . Can triz help us to do that ?my means art aspects and aesthetics development . Thanks .

Message: 1796
Posted by: Shree Phadnis
Posted on: Thursday, 8th April 2010

The short answer is yes, visit

Message: 1797
Posted by: Tushar Kanikdale
Posted on: Friday, 9th April 2010


This is excellent link showing TRIZ for Art generation. Based on personal opinion with my past experineces what I have realized that the we need IFR for Aesthetic or Form of the object. For engineering quantities we can easily visualize or set the IFR however for setting IFR for aesthics needs a more of creative imagination. For example to design the aesthetics of a car or chair let's start with a baseline design with simplest structure and then let's start questioning what actually is not feeling good to eyes. And then use the Trimming method of cutting down all the harmful effects (Ugly looking features) and improving Useful effect (Beauty in the product). This should be backed up by a scientific theory explaining or quantifying Beauty to avoid potential trial and errors.