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TRIZ Application in Advertising

TRIZ Application in Advertising

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1650
Posted by: mehdi
Posted on: Friday, 21st August 2009

The first thanks to all.

I mean that we have not any problem in advertising but we want to creat new idea about it ( advertising )

triz how can help us ?


Message: 1653
Posted by: randall marin
Posted on: Tuesday, 1st September 2009

HEllo. If I understand your question correctly, you want to know how to generate ideas in order to advertise / play the TRIZ case. Just some thoughts – if you know how to use the cause-effect chain tool, or the 5-why's tool, you may want to start by a target problem, for instance “Low receptivity of TRIZ in my organization / customer's org”, and then start asking Ã’why?Ó. Then ask Ã’why?Ó to each answer, or answers, per “why”. You will finish the chain either when you reach a fundamental problem (called key disadvantage) or when a lean rule is broken (~5 times, it is said). You may end up with one or several of these problems, which you should address using problem solving techniques. You can also directly apply the TRIZ for business contradiction matrix in order to model which problem(s) you have (probably 'ility VRS 'ility) and then select recommended principles for implementation. In a word – apply TRIZ to solving the TRIZ advertising problem/opportunity. As usual, just a reminder of the need to properly define the right problem – is it the problem TRIZ is not well perceived, not effectively applied – what is it? Your problem might look like “Ineffective problem solving in my organization / customer's org”. Hope that helps a little

Message: 1655
Posted by: Prakash
Posted on: Wednesday, 2nd September 2009

Whether it is for Advertising, or Engineering, TRIZ is an effective tool for idea generation. Advertising stories will have story template, and these story templates are usually very creative. You can use TRIZ for generating such creative ideas. Use 40 inventive principles directly and generate ideas (as in the Lateral Thinking forced association), use IFR to think about the Ideal Scenario, use FAA to add/remove/edit the connection in a story and make it more creative or interesting. Identify a main persona in a story and use a 9-Windows for that persona…Best,Prakash

Message: 1656
Posted by: Ellen Domb
Posted on: Friday, 4th September 2009

The TRIZ Journal has had several articles on applications of TRIZ in advertising.   Go to the “Archives” tab, then pick the date, then click on the article for the easiest path:

October 2002:  Darrell Mann's article examining 100 prize-winning advertisements in TRIZ terms.

April 2005:  Gennady Retseptor's listing of the 40 principles with examples applied to sales and marketing

July 2006:   Jim Kowalick's letter about combining Taguchi principles with TRIZ to create an advertising system

Anybody have others?

Message: 1657
Posted by: mehdi
Posted on: Tuesday, 8th September 2009

Mrs Domb .

thanks a lot .