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TRIZ and Information Techonology Management

TRIZ and Information Techonology Management

| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1880
Posted by: tytyloye
Posted on: Tuesday, 3rd August 2010

Having been fascinated by the world of TRIZ , i have been wondering on how TRIZ can be implemented to better the lots in Information technology management. any sugestions

Message: 1882
Posted by: prakash
Posted on: Tuesday, 3rd August 2010

You are not alone. Every other conferences and discussion forums, we do hear the questions, “HOW to” TRIZ for IT/Software. There are few articles and commentary section in TRIZ Journal about applying TRIZ for software. You can find some from my commentary section too. To start with, identify the problem using 9-windows and IFR. IT management is about a bigger super-system, and understanding the bigger picture will help you. Resources is an important technique in TRIZ for IT related problems. Trends can help you what next in the IT (especially when technology is evolving faster than we breath), look at FAA (Function Attribute Analysis) to understand the connections between modules/components of your software system, and finally ( I really meant it) use the contradiction matrix- suggest to look at a business/software contradiction matrix available from authors like Darrell Mann.

Message: 1884
Posted by: Nikolai Khomenko
Posted on: Tuesday, 3rd August 2010

Just learn ARIZ deep enough. Then you will get domain free tool for software management and many other domain. Private life included.

For more advanced tool I can recommend you OTSM and Its toools. It work for complex interdisciplinary problematic situations managing. It is also domain free tools. 

Nikolai Khomenko
TRIZ Master Certified by Genrich Altshuller.

Message: 1889
Posted by: tytyloye
Posted on: Thursday, 5th August 2010

Thanks  for your apt reply and suggestion, it was helpful now i am dealing with trying to come up with a write up on how , if it could be , the direct application of TRIZ into information technology management, You know the Methodology, the constraints, the breakthroughs and all those.and i must confess i am limited in resources to do that.(Thesis standard.) gratefulif you could shedmore light and be of help

Message: 1890
Posted by: tytyloye
Posted on: Thursday, 5th August 2010

When you say deep enough could you suggest,materials and resources that could  make me grounded in ARIZ and TRIZ.methodology and applications.

thanks in anticipation

Message: 1914
Posted by: Nikolai Khomenko
Posted on: Wednesday, 1st September 2010


The best way is attending good educational program at least 80 hours.  It seems too long, but it will pay back much more for the rest of your life. Above all ARIZ is a very good tools to analyze problematic situation, overcome your metal inertia and activate your unconscious creative skills.


Another good  source of Information is a book of Y. Salamatov Right Solution at Exact time. It is opinion of the author but very closer to what Altshuller taught during his classes. Many things is missing there.  However it is one of the best source of information available in English.


One more source is a handbook was created in the course of European Project – TETRIS. Gaetano Cascini was scientific leader of the project.  I wrote  for them an example that show more or less  detail example with lot of comments about real life problem ARIZ application. Unfortunately some for some European bureaucratic reasons I had to stop my participation in the project and the example was not finished. However first parts of ARIZ-85-C is there with detail explanations.


 If you can read Russian I can advise you list of original Altshuller's papers  and educational materials about ARIZ.

Message: 1918
Posted by: tytyloye
Posted on: Friday, 17th September 2010

Can you please suggest a document i can read that could make me comprehend ARIZ

Message: 1919
Posted by: ellen domb
Posted on: Saturday, 18th September 2010

Kraev's Korner lesson 9 (serialized in The TRIZ Journal in 2007)

Terninko/Miller/Domb articles on Su-field modeling and 76 Standard Solutions (one piece of ARIZ) serialized Feb. -July 2000