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TRIZ, Where Do I Start?

01/01/2010 |

I'm intrigued by this where do I start?Read More

TRIZ in the World of Science – Where Does It Fit?

03/03/2008 |

The modern interpretation of the structure of TRIZ is gradually turning into thick compote where theoretical postulates, individual tools, algorithms, notion definitions and the like float on equal terms.Read More

Where’s My Return on Innovation?!

31/01/2008 |

Cass Pursell

(Or, Is That a Canary in Your Coal Mine?)

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in partnership with BusinessWeek, conducted (from October 2006 through March 2007) its fourth annual survey of senior executives on innovation and the innovation-to-cash process.

Its … Read More

It’s The End of the Year – Do You Know Where Your Innovation Process Is?

28/12/2007 |

Cass PursellDo a Google search on Innovation in 2007 and see what you return. Lists of cool inventions, next-generation product ideas. A conference or two. No mention, however, of ideas on improving innovation processes. To my mind, this is an … Read More

Where to Study TRIZ

05/02/2007 |

Since the 2004 Edition of the TRIZ Future Conference we have been working to create a reference database that includes information on all of the educational instututions involved in the research, application and dissemination of TRIZ.Read More

“Where is the Rabbit?” The New Model for Problem Solving and How to Use it

15/05/2002 |

“Where is the Rabbit?” The New Model for Problem Solving and How to Use it

By Kalevi Rantanen TRIS OY Brahenk. 9 E 18 FIN-20100 TURKU, FINLAND phone/fax +358 2 251 1623 E-mail: … Read More

Where Does TRIZ Go From Here?

16/05/1998 |

We’ve watched TRIZ – something old in the former USSR – become something new in most countries of the western world – primarily in western Europe and the United States. Although the use of TRIZ by American companies is … Read More