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trimming Archives - The Triz Journal

Dark Dining, a Trimming Experience

20/12/2009 |

Ellen Domb

Trimming is a TRIZ technique of improving something by simplifying it (and a small joke in English.) Most often in TRIZ it refers to products or systems where the complexity has increased cost or decreased maintainability, serviceability, ease of … Read More

Trimming Evolution Patterns For Complex Systems

05/02/2000 |

Editor’s note: Darrell Mann and the editors are very interested in collecting case studies that could prove or disprove the hypothesis presented here. Readers are invited to share their experiences, either by sending them to Darrell Mann, or by writing … Read More

Input-Output Trimming Operator (I-O-T)

06/01/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

The Input-Output Trimming Operator is one of the best instruments for stating the correct problem, when we need to develop new concepts for existing machines, devices or their components.

We can consider every machine as a chain … Read More