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Backward Trends?

02/12/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Its always a happy day when we find an innovation that appears to go against the TRIZ Trends, because it allows us to challenge the models and – hopefully – help to make them more resilient in the … Read More

Explore the Future of TRIZ with the Trends of Evolution

05/05/2008 |

TRIZ was born, developed and became a problem-solving method for technology, manufacturing, society and nature. The basis of TRIZ is the objective trends of natural evolution, and therefore TRIZ is a practical part of the theory of evolution.Read More

Eight New Trends – Or Examples of Well-known Trends of Evolution

09/04/2008 |

Ellen Domb

Consultants write articles for a lot of reasons.  Two leading reasons are (1) A genuine desire to share their research with the world (2) To show how smart they are, to get people interested in hiring them.          

Since I … Read More

Using Trends of Evolution to Direct Wound Treatments

01/10/2007 |

With the advent of systematic approach in studies, research in medicine started focusing on proactive and fast healing of wound. The challenge for science now lies in reducing wound healing times and in quickly reducing wound sizes.Read More

Evolution Trends in Nuclear Soil Logging Tools

09/11/2006 |

Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant Roustem Kourmaev, P.E., President Advanced Technologies International, Inc.

Richardson, Texas, USA

Evolution of technical systems in TRIZ is described by series of classical S-curves (1). We have experience in developing nuclear logging tools for … Read More

Trends and patterns of evolution for product innovation

01/10/2006 |

Noel Leon, Prof. Dr., (Presenter) Center for Innovation in Products and Technology, Tec de Monterrey, (CIDYT, ITESM) Tel. +52 81 81582012, Fx. +52 81 83284005 Ave. Eugenio Garza Sada #2501 Sur Col. Tecnológico, 64849 Monterrey, NL, México

ABSTRACT Perhaps … Read More

Six Sigma Trends: TRIZ Six Sigma for Cost Reduction: Strategic Breakthrough Training Based Projects

18/07/2006 |

Dr. Elena Averboukh is an industry-funded professor at the University of Kassel (Germany) in Quality and Safety Control Systems and works internationally as a Six Sigma and TRIZ Master Instructor and Fellow Master Black Belt for manufacturing, transactional, design, financial … Read More

Six Sigma Trends: Six Sigma in Financial Services

16/04/2006 |

Elena A. Averboukh LUSI – Centre eG ( Interdisciplinary Centre for Quality of Life and Usability Studies )

Here is a new article reflecting our on-going research on advanced tools, strategies and trends in deploying six sigma particular in … Read More

Centrality of ‘Steering Language’ to problem solving Trends of evolution case study: The development of heat induction system

18/02/2006 |

By: Ahmad A. Abdalla, Sulieman M. Zobly

Ahmad A. Abdalla South-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences Luebecker Ring 2 59494 Soest, Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 2921 378414 Fax: +49 (0) 2921 378404 Email:

Sulieman M. Zobly Institute … Read More

Transfer to the microlevel as one of the main display evolution trends

16/08/2005 |

By: N. Shpakovsky

Evolution Trees are among of the main tools of analyzing a technical system and forecasting its evolution which is used for strategic planning. In addition, this approach may be effectively used for by-passing patents of competing … Read More

Using S-Curves and Trends of Evolution in R&D Strategy Planning

22/07/1999 |

Aversion of this material was first presented at the I Mech E seminar on FutureHeat Pump and Refrigeration Technologies held in London on 20 April 1999(Reference 1).

Darrell MannIndustrialFellow, Department Of Mechanical EngineeringUniversityOf Bath, … Read More