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Biology – Long-Distance Spider Travel

29/03/2020 |

Darrell Mann

On October 31, 1832, a young naturalist named Charles Darwin walked onto the deck of the HMS Beagle and realized that the ship had been boarded by thousands of intruders. Tiny red spiders, each a millimeter wide, were … Read More

Improving Travel Infrastructure in Mumbai

02/06/2008 |

Population explosion is a curse as well as a boon for India. It is the second biggest market of the world. It is a strength, but at the same time it causes a scarcity of infrastructure and results in other infrastructure related issues.Read More

Case Study: Consummate System for Valve Travel Stop

05/05/2008 |

This case study elaborates upon the principles and processes described in "Instruments for Designing Consummate Systems." Consider the system of a centrifugal wall pump and of its valve travel stop specifically.Read More

Travel to Conferences

13/01/2007 |

Ellen Domb

Regular readers of The TRIZ Journal know that I am constantly filling the “welcome letter” (our editorial column) with reminders almost a year in advance for readers to submit papers to the various conferences around the globe, and more … Read More