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Two New Games That Teach Children and Their Parents ASIT (From a Kid’s Perspective)

23/01/2004 |

The Puzzling Mysteries and the Puzzling Time Quest games are both cool and exiting ways to learn four problem solving techniques. The games are published by Compedia and the website is These games may be purchased by going to … Read More

b-cyclodextrin Molecules and Their Use in Breathable Barriers

19/11/1999 |

by Michelle Roberts May 3, 1999 TE589A Theory of Inventive Problem Solving North Carolina State University (N.C.S.U.) Under the direction of: Dr. Michael S. Slocum Adjunct Assistant Professor N.C.S.U. Dr. Timothy G. Clapp Professor N.C.S.U.

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TRIADS: THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO TRIZ – Elaboration on the Use of Triads and TRIZ to Solve Impossible Problems and Create Next-Generation, Breakthrough Designs

10/06/1998 |

James Kowalick, Ph.D., P.E., President Renaissance Leadership Institute, Leonardo da Vinci Division P.O. Box 659, 9907 Camper Lane, Oregon House, CA. 95962 Voice 530-692-1944 ~ Fax 530-692-1946 ~ E-mail

Triads: A Simple Example of … Read More