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technological Archives - The Triz Journal

Two Patterns of Evolution for Technological Systems

07/12/2009 |

There are many patterns of evolution. In this paper, the authors discuss two frequently encountered patterns: transition to a high-level system and increasing ideality.Read More

Logistic Substitution Model and Technological Forecasting

02/02/2009 |

The application of several models (more than 300) based on the logistic growth function including simple logistic, component logistic models (CLM) and logistic substitution models (LSM) in the context of technology changed the future of forecasting.Read More

Destroying Construction Materials with Technological Effects

06/10/2008 |

The destruction of large stones, pieces of structures, hard soil monoliths, etc. is often necessary to begin construction – new destruction methods were required.Read More

Report from the 2nd IberoAmerican Technological Innovation Congress

30/10/2007 |

Ellen Domb

Tuesday was the opening day of the Congress, in Monterrey Mexico, at the conference center of the University Autonoma de Nueva Leon. Amazing view of the city! More than 40 people participated in the tutorial sessions, with the distance … Read More

Applying the Law of the Completeness of a Technological System to Formulate a Problem

01/01/2007 |

The complete technological system (CTS) is a useful teaching template for the use of analogy in problem solving, to help students understand the relationship between their own problem, an example and an abstract principle.Read More

Advancement of Technological Processes of Pipe Lying Using Element-By-Element Testing

07/08/2005 |

By: Abram Teplitskiy, Roustem Kourmaev

Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant, Roustem Kourmaev, President Advanced Technologies International, Inc., Richardson, TX, USA

In our previous two articles about TRIZ application in construction we considered examples of 40 invention tricks (1), and … Read More

Applying the TRIZ Principles of Technological Evolution to Customer Requirement Based Vehicle Concepts – Experience Report –

14/03/2004 |

Dr. Eckhard Schueler-Hainsch and Dr. Christine Ahrend DaimlerChrysler Society and Technology Research Group Berlin, Germany

Introduction One of the major tasks of the DaimlerChrysler „Society and Technology Research Group – STRG“ is observing the development of the … Read More

Case Study: Application Of Ideation/TRIZ To A Technological Problem With Rapid Prototyping Equipment

14/11/1999 |


Solving difficult problems is a complex activity that is governed by the search for knowledge. Problem solving is affected by a combination of the searching process and by the availability of the knowledge … Read More

The Determination of the Technological Maturity of Ultrasonic Welding

05/07/1999 |

The Determination of the Technological Maturity of Ultrasonic Welding

Nathan GibsonTE 589ANorth Carolina State UniversityApril 29, 1999

Under the direction of:

Dr. Michael Slocum Adjunct Assistant Professor North Carolina State University

Dr. Tim … Read More