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students Archives - The Triz Journal

Examples of 40 Principles for High School Students

01/01/2010 |

I'm trying to create an introduction to TRIZ for High School (9-12 grade) students. Can anyone help me to come up with additional examples of the 40 principles and separation strategies for thiRead More

The Real World: TRIZ In Two Hours For Undergraduate And Masters Level Students!

05/09/2006 |

Dr. Paul R. Filmore School of Computing, Communications & Electronics University of Plymouth, UK

ABSTRACT The reality of overloaded university syllabi is very limited time for introducing challenging and comprehensive concepts like TRIZ. This paper shares experience and knowledge, … Read More

Students Corner #3 – Lever – The Simplest, Yet Very Helpful Machine!

17/03/2006 |

Dr. Abram Teplitskiy – Students Corner #3. LEVER – THE SIMPLEST, YET VERY HELPFUL MACHINE!

On our previous meeting in Student’s Corner we discussed very important question – how to generate electricity, using energy of Sun, Water, Wind, and different … Read More

STUDENTS CORNER #1 – From air bubbles to Nobel Prize!

28/01/2006 |

Dr. Abram Teplitskiy STUDENTS CORNER #1 From air bubbles to Nobel Prize!

We’ll start our first STUDENT Corner in TRIZ Journal with discussing air balloons and air bubbles. We are sure that all students have experience in this area while … Read More