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TRIZ Podcasts: The Resource Story

30/06/2011 |

Our friends at TRIZIndia have started a podcast series that will be both a tutorial on TRIZ methods and a discussion of how to teach an apply those methods in real situations in real companies. It is free and easy … Read More

My Innovation Story of 2009

28/12/2009 |

Praveen Gupta

I took some time off writing commentaries for RealInnovation about a year ago. Reflecting over last 12 months for innovation activities, I have seen great interest in innovation all over the world. People are talking about innovation at all levels. … Read More

Searching for Industries With the Greatest Pain … The Story Continues

12/05/2009 |

Rod King

Joey was like many inventors. He had come up with a great technology that involves a visual process for better organizing massive amounts of information. He was now finding cool ways to apply the technology.

 â€œSearch is cool,” Joey … Read More

300- Only Part of the Story

19/03/2007 |

Michael S. Slocum

King Leonidas and a small Spartan contingent attempted to defend Thermopylae and all of Greece against the Persian invasion leads by the god-king Xerxes (480 BC). The recent movie, 300, depicts the stand these Spartans made against the … Read More

Christmas TRIZ – Ideality – A True Story

05/02/2003 |

By: Kevin Landhuis

Recently, while wrapping some Christmas gifts, I noticed a “keg” of ribbon that my wife had purchased. Eureka, Ideality! I tried to explain the significance of this discovery to my kids and my impromptu TRIZ lesson was … Read More

The New Locking Device for Ships and Ferries. A Story of How Good Ideas are Simple

15/11/2002 |

By: Kalevi Rantanen

The New Locking Device for Ships and Ferries A Story of How Good Ideas are Simple

By Kalevi Rantanen TRIS OY Brahenk. 9 E 18 FIN-20100 TURKU, FINLAND phone/fax +358 2 251 1623 E-mail:

Abstract: … Read More

Psychological Inertia: Two kinds in one story

25/08/1998 |

Ellen Domb, Ph.D. The TRIZ Institute, 190 N. Mountain Ave., Upland, CA 91786 USA +1(909)949-0857 FAX +1(909)949-2968

©1998, Ellen Domb

The following story is not original. It has been forwarded to … Read More