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Generalization of the System of Standard Solutions for Inventive Problem Solving

28/07/2016 |

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How Can TRIZ Help Us Finding Marketing Solutions

01/01/2010 |

Hi,I am Fabio, a young Italian engineer.I'd like to know if there are papers on the adoption of Triz for marketing solutions, better if focused on how can Triz can help us when we have to pRead More

Producing TRIZ Solutions: Odds of Success

05/10/2009 |

It is a common perception in the TRIZ community that TRIZ solutions are quite different from conventional ones; they are elegant, cost-effective and even perfect, if not ideal. But what are the realistic chances of delivering one?Read More

All Solutions Are Not Equal

08/05/2008 |

Michael S. Slocum

Regardless of how extensively you deploy TRIZ, or some other systematic innovation engine, one of the first steps you take is to define your ideal state. In TRIZ, this is your Ideal Final Result (IFR), a philosophical construct … Read More

Microsoft National Innovation Forum – Part II: MS Solutions

28/09/2007 |

Praveen Gupta

Don Richardson gave a presentation about innovation management.  He highlighted business challenges as follows:

  • New competition
  • Intensely increasing price and cost pressure
  • Ever shrinking product lifecycles
  • Increasing integration of the worlds economies
  • Major technology shifts

Don’s research shows … Read More

Generalized Solutions for Su-field Analysis

06/08/2007 |

To help users carry out su-field analysis and find the right problem-solving solutions in an easy manner, this paper summarizes/condenses the 76 standard solutions into seven general principles with graphic demonstrations and examples.Read More

Differentiating Among the Five Levels of Solutions

02/07/2007 |

This paper concerns one of the key elements of TRIZ – widely known as the "five levels of inventions." This classification, and especially its numerous interpretations, often lead to confusion. What do these five levels represent, exactly?Read More

Creative Solutions from TRIZ for the Business Contradiction in Red Ocean Strategy

16/10/2006 |

By: Yung-Chin Hsiao

ABSTRACT The serious contradiction between product differentiation and cost was found in the red ocean strategy. Without compromise of cost and product differentiation, Kim, W. C. and Mauborgne, R. suggest that blue ocean strategy of exploiting … Read More

Mapping the Innovation Space Two: Individual Solutions Drives Infinite Disruptive Innovations

05/09/2004 |

By: Dr. John Cooney, Barry Winkless

Dr. John Cooney ( Barry Winkless Hdip, MSc ( Altran Technologies Ireland

Abstract This paper expounds the need for a new paradigm for innovation at the problem space. It suggests that innovation needs to … Read More

TRIZ Solutions For Systems Dynamics Models Of A Small Community Downtown Revitalization Project

02/05/2004 |

ABSTRACT The analysis of complex systems with multiple simultaneously dynamic variables can be addressed with Causal Loop or System Dynamics models. These models can provide an initial assessment of the operation and functionality of the existing or proposed elements of … Read More

Is TRIZ Useful For Generating Ecological Mitigation Solutions?

20/04/2004 |

1. INTRODUCTION This investigation evaluates the use of TRIZ as a tool for generating ecological mitigation solutions. Prior to the study, no UK ecologists had either heard of or were using TRIZ. The main theme and purpose of the research, … Read More

The Space Between ‘Generic’ and ‘Specific’ Problem Solutions

18/06/2001 |

Darrell Mann Industrial Fellow Department Of Mechanical Engineering University Of Bath Phone: +44 (1225) 826465 Fax: +44 (1225) 826928 E-mail:


Since its introduction to the West … Read More

Using the 76 Standard Solutions: a Case Study for Improving the World Food Supply

10/04/2001 |

First published in the Proceedings of TRIZCON2001, the Altshuller Institute, March, 2001.

Joe Miller, Quality Process Consulting, Ellen Domb, Ph.D., The PQR Group, Ellen MacGran, Nabisco Brands Co., University of Phoenix, John Terninko, Ph.D., Responsible Management

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Computer Semantic Search of Inventive Solutions

10/03/2001 |

Igor Boyko Ph.D HPLab, Palo Alto, CA


The article covers problems of the Knowledge Base development and search automation of the inventive solutions by intellectual computer systems.

The … Read More

The Seventy six Standard Solutions, with Examples Section One

26/02/2000 |

By: John Terninko, Ellen Domb & Joe Miller

John Terninko ( Ellen Domb ( Joe Miller (

This is the first of 5 monthly appendices for the Standard Solutions. Yes, this is all public domain in the spirit of … Read More

The Seventy-Six Standard Solutions: How They Relate to the 40 Principles of Inventive Problem Solving

20/05/1999 |

Ellen Domb, John Terninko, john@terninko.comJoe Miller, jam@mcs.netEllen MacGran,

The “76 Standard Solutions” of TRIZ were compiled by G.S. Altshuller and his associates between 1975 and1985. They are grouped into 5 large categories as follows:

1. Improving the system … Read More

Puzzle Solutions

16/01/1999 |

The TRIZ Journal ran a problem by Yakov Skir in the October 1998 issue. The following is a solution provided by Mr. Skir:

To solve the problem of Universal Socket Wrench you have, first, to use the Principle of Dynamics: … Read More

TRIZ Puzzles and Examples: Part 2 Reader’s Solutions The Tiny Car

17/10/1998 |

Jacob Skir E-mail:

First of all, my congratulations to all the three readers for their understanding the TRIZ fundamental rule: not to insert new materials but to use the given ones.

  1. Mr. Jose … Read More

Levels of Solutions

16/12/1997 |

By Kalevi Rantanen TRIS OY Brahenk. 9 E 18 FIN-20100 TURKU, FINLAND phone/fax +358 2 251 1623 E-mail:


Classification of engineering solutions by an inventive level is a … Read More

THE TRIZ APPROACH – Case Study: Creative Solutions to a Human Relations (HR) Problem

23/11/1997 |

by James F. Kowalick, President & Director The Leonardo da Vinci Institute, division of RLI, Inc. 9907 Camper Lane, P.O. Box 659, Oregon House, CA. 95962 Voice: (916) 692-1944 ~ Fax: (916) 692-1946 ~ Email:

Introduction. The oldest living … Read More