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situation Archives - The Triz Journal

A New Approach to Initial Situation Analysis

18/10/2010 |

ARIZ is an excellent tool to solve problems once an individual has identified the mini problems that need to be solved. In real life situations, however, the problems are seldom clearly defined.Read More

Problem Formulation/problem Situation Questionnaire

01/01/2010 |

where i can find articles about the story of problem formulation? or where i can find different kind of problem situation questionnaire and their evolution in the story course?Read More

Problem Situation Specification

02/04/2007 |

Specifying the problem situation is fundamental to the problem-solving process. Problem situations can be divided into two main types to reformulat solutions.Read More

Situation analysis – a must first step in a problem solving process

25/04/2000 |

Mark G. Barkan Principal, Concept Catalysts, Inc.

The thoughts in this paper are the result of many years of attempts at solving various problems, technical and “soft”. These thoughts have been discussed with my fellow … Read More