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Best of The Month – The Science Of Storytelling

11/09/2019 |

Darrell Mann

Budding authors have literally hundreds of books to choose from if they’re looking for ‘help’ to make their writing better. Nearly all of them seem to be weak imitations of Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero With A Thousand Faces’, or … Read More

Generational Cycles – Beyond The ‘Pseudo-Science’

17/04/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Time, this month, to have a deeper look at the ‘pseudo-science’ arguing article mentioned in last month’s Generation article. We love anything that challenges existing theories. But only if it adds something to the story, as opposed to … Read More


01/02/2016 |

Yonni, Fernandoa,b, Requena Carlosa,b, MalinauskasAgustinac

a.UCA, Facultad de Cs. Fisicomatemáticas e Ingeniería. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1500.

C1107AAZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

b.UTNFRGP, H. Irigoyen 288, Gral. Pacheco, Partido de Tigre, Prov. de Buenos Aires.

c.UBA, Facultad de Ingeniería, Av. … Read More

TRIZ in “fundamental Science”

01/01/2010 |

For me as a researcher was always interesting the TRIZ-application in “fundamental science”. If someone has information on the subject, please, let he share it!In this specific context, TRIZ could beRead More

TRIZ in the World of Science – Where Does It Fit?

03/03/2008 |

The modern interpretation of the structure of TRIZ is gradually turning into thick compote where theoretical postulates, individual tools, algorithms, notion definitions and the like float on equal terms.Read More

Working with Innovative Principles of Science, Engineering, Business and Everyday Life: Expanding on Altshuller’s 40 Principles

07/04/2005 |

By Dana W. Clarke, Certified TRIZ Specialist © 2005 Applied Innovation Alliance, LLC

Genrich Altshuller developed one of the primary sources of innovative principles between 1946 and 1973. Genrich’s 40 principles were developed as a result of his research … Read More

Application of Ideality and Science to Underwater Rescue

16/09/2002 |

Application of Ideality and Science to Underwater Rescue

By Roni Horowitz,

(Editor’s note: This was issue 81 of Roni Horowitz’s newsletter on ASIT. It is a great TRIZ story, and one … Read More

Why Study Tradeoffs? Creativity, Business, Science and Expertise

29/08/2002 |

Why Study Tradeoffs?

Creativity, Business, Science and Expertise

By Kalevi Rantanen TRIS OY Brahenk. 9 E 18 FIN-20100 TURKU, FINLAND phone/fax +358 2 251 1623 E-mail: … Read More

Science Reviewed

04/05/2000 |

Science Reviewed

By Graham Rawlinson and David Straker

This article is a partially edited selection of two chapters in the book, “How to Invent Almost Anything”, produced by Changemaker Publications and written by Graham Rawlinson of … Read More

Creativity As An Exact (Biomimetic) Science

05/11/1999 |

This paper was first presented at the 4th Biomimetics¹ Workshop at the University of Reading, UK, on 24 September 1999.

Darrell Mann Industrial Fellow, Department Of Mechanical Engineering University Of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, UK Phone: +44 (1225) … Read More

Using TRIZ in Computer Science – Concurrency

15/08/1999 |

Kevin C. Rea, Principle Consultant REA Consulting E-mail: Web site:


TRIZ offers a wide-ranging series of tools and methods to help … Read More