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Case Study: Cleaning School

05/04/2018 |

Darrell Mann

In theory, keeping school buildings clean is a simple problem. On the other hand, because it involves people – especially those wonderful balls of chaos called ‘pupils’ – it turns out to be complex. As in complex-adaptive-system complex. … Read More

Report: Queens School of Business 1st Annual Innovation Summit

21/03/2010 |

Ellen Domb

I’m at the Queens School of Business First Annual Innovation Summit in Kingston, ON Canada  (Friday-Saturday, March 19-20).  Over 160 students, faculty and alumni are talking, listening, and being creative about the process of innovation, with a few visiting … Read More

Examples of 40 Principles for High School Students

01/01/2010 |

I'm trying to create an introduction to TRIZ for High School (9-12 grade) students. Can anyone help me to come up with additional examples of the 40 principles and separation strategies for thiRead More

School-factory will die. What’s on? (Education during the change of civilizations)

10/04/2004 |

Why is the traditional school arranged just so and not in another way? Why is just this system of teaching so claimed and firm? Nature is not sparing of variety. We all are so various – even those of us … Read More

Creativity in a Russian Elementary School (An Interview with Tatiana Vassilevna Zakharov and Her Director)

05/02/1998 |


Ruth Atkins*, Interviewer for The TRIZ Journal *Director, New Product Development, RLI (916) 692-1944 ~ E-mail:

(Editor’s note: Ms. Atkins conducted this interview while stationed in St. Petersburg. She speaks, reads and translates Russian fluently. Ms. Zakharov and … Read More