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Robust Design: Macro & Meta Contradictions

07/04/2019 |

Darrell Mann

I’m speaking at a Robust Design conference this month and I think my job is to shake things up a bit. It shouldn’t be too difficult. The Robust Design world is still thinking it’s a good idea to … Read More

Rethinking The ‘Robust Design’ Trend

22/04/2018 |

Darrell Mann

It’s not often these days that we get to add a new stage to one of the Trends Of Evolution. It’s even rarer that we find ourselves in the position of needing to re-name one of the Trends. … Read More

Develop New Kind Of Plough By Using TRIZ And Robust Design

16/06/2003 |

By: Zhao Xinjun School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Northeastern University, P.R.China

Abstract The main part of plough is the share, it digs into the soil, separates the surface soil from the bed soil and then moldboard turns it … Read More

Enhancing Robust Design with the Aid of TRIZ and Axiomatic Design (Part I)

25/10/2000 |

By: Matthew Hu, Kai Yang, Shin Taguchi

Matthew Hu Ford Motor Company POEE, MD 48 21500Oakwood Boulevard P.O. Box 2053 Dearborn, MI 48121

Kai Yang Wayne State University IME Department Wayne State University 4815 Fourth Street, Room 2151 … Read More

The QFD, TRIZ and Taguchi Connection: Customer-Driven Robust Innovation

03/01/1998 |

John Terninko, Ph.D. Responsible Management Inc. & Ideation International Inc. The Ninth Symposium on Quality Function Deployment, June 10, 1997


Taguchi’s approach to robust designs has been in North America since 1981. QFD arrived in 1984, … Read More

Robust Development and Design for a Nuclear Reactor Terminal Gland for Use on the Centurion Class Submarines Using Invention Machine Corporations’ TechOptimizer

05/12/1997 |

Prepared by: Dr. Michael S. Slocum, P.E. Senior Staff Engineer International Space Station Special Products September 1997

I. Abstract

New requirements for reactor penetrators has reflected increased performance and reliability conditions. The evolution … Read More