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Industrial Research Institute Meeting Report-I

30/05/2011 |

Jack Hipple

IRI Meeting-I was priveleged to present a workshop on TRIZ problem solving at the annual IRI meeting in Philadelphia this year and was able to attend a number of very interesting presentations from senior executives from materials and service … Read More

Needs for TRIZ Research?

01/01/2010 |

There is a lot of people interested in doing business with and around TRIZ, but what about the needs for TRIZ research? In which way may evolve this methodology? Is there any recent trend? Who cares?Read More

TRIZ Helps in General Research

01/01/2010 |

Recently, I was in a bit of a rut with my current research and it seems like I was too focused on trying to find the solution that I did not think of different ways of interpreting the problem.My receRead More

Updating TRIZ: 2006-2008 Patent Research Findings

05/01/2009 |

This paper presents an update on research, examines patents granted from 2006 to 2008 and summarizes key findings in patent analysis, customization and planned future work.Read More

Report on the 3rd Senior Conference on TRIZ Research

03/12/2007 |

Sponsored by the mechanical design academy of the Chinese mechanical engineering society, the 3rd Senior Conference on TRIZ Researching in China was held at Hebei University of Technology on October 20, 2007.Read More

Introducing Matrix 2003 – New research and a new format for the popular TRIZ tool

20/08/2003 |

By: Ellen Domb and Michael Slocum

We are very pleased to announce the publication of Matrix 2003 by Darrell Mann and Simon Dewulf of CREAX and Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman of Ideation International. The matrix is an important … Read More

Updating TRIZ: 1985-2002 Patent Research Findings

14/05/2003 |

By: Darrell Mann and Simon Dewulf

CREAX nv, Belgium Phone/fax: +44 (1275) 342960

Simon DEWULF CEO, CREAX nv, Belgium Phone: +32 57 229480, Fax: +32 57 229481

Abstract A large part of the strength and power of TRIZ … Read More

Radical Innovation and Design Research

08/12/2002 |

By: Kari T. Eloranta, Asko Riitahuhta and Mikko Karvinen

1. Aims and objectives Global competition has forced companies to redesign themselves (Leifer et al., 2000). The goal of redesign has been to strengthen a company’s position as one of leading … Read More

TRIZ Research Programme at LRPS France

19/03/2002 |

First published in the proceedings of ETRIA TRIZ Future 2001 – November 7-9 2001- Bath U.K

TRIZ Research Programme at LRPS France

R. De Guio LRPS-ENSAIS Strasbourg France tel: (+33) 388 144 749 Mail to:

Read More

How TRIZ demonstrates again that research by trial and error can be very costly.

19/06/2000 |

José M. Vicente-Gomila Triz XXI, S.L. P.O.Box 12122; E- 46080; Valencia Spain

Summary: two years ago, a European transnational research project, found that treating beechwood against funghi in an axial way could save lots of toxic wastes and also … Read More

The Research (Diagnostic) Problems’ Classification.

03/04/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

There is a specific type of engineering problem which is connected with discovering (exposing, finding out) causes (reasons) of different phenomena, which take place in technological systems. Simply speaking we have to answer to the question: … Read More