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23/11/2016 |

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Six Sigma in Project Management

01/01/2010 |

I am completing a study examining the resistances of various stakeholders with the implementation and maintenance of a Quality programme such as six sigma within the context of project management! MyRead More

TRIZ As a Catalyst for Project Management Excellence

06/10/2008 |

The techniques of project management created at the end of the 1950’s in the U.S. are among the most effective procedures for improving efficiency when launching new products and services. TRIZ techniques can improve project management processes.Read More

Seeking innovation in a Six-Sigma Project by applying TRIZ theory

15/09/2005 |

By: Haiyan Ru, Haibo Ru, HuangChao Haiyan Ru, Haibo Ru, HuangChao,

Six-Sigma is famous for its rigorous logic based on data, which is also the reason why R&D engineers cast doubts on Six-Sigma: does data give birth … Read More

Iranian TRIZ Book Project

30/11/2004 |

The Iranian Journal of Creatology & TRIZ (Kallagiyat Shenasi , Kar Afarini & TRIZ in Persian) and Research Center for Creatology , Innovation & TRIZ (RCCIT) is planning the publication of TRIZ oriented Creatology – Book . The intention of … Read More

Call for Paper – TRIZ-Publication Project

28/08/2004 |

The German TRIZ-online Team is planning the publication of a TRIZ book. The intention of this book is to demonstrate the multiple capabilities of TRIZ in all facetts. By gathering articles from TRIZexperts of all areas it shall give a … Read More

SUPPORT – Sustainable Innovation Tools Project Update

29/07/2003 |

Further to the introduction in the March issue of TRIZ Journal (Reference 1), the SUPPORT project team thought that it was time to update readers on progress made on the project. The project – funded by the EU Leonardo da … Read More

SUPPORT – Sustainable Innovation Tools Project

28/03/2003 |

By: University of Leoben

The Industrial Liaison department at the University of Leoben in Austria is proud to announce the commencement of the SUPPORT project. The project – funded by the EU Leonardo da Vinci initiative (Reference 1) – is … Read More