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Physical Contradictions: Solving Or Managing?

20/10/2019 |

Darrell Mann

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

For me, the physical contradiction part of TRIZ/SI still remains the weakest part of the toolkit. Something has been niggling … Read More

Re-Thinking Physical Contradictions #2: Business Problems

08/07/2018 |

Darrell Mann

It feels like a long time ago, because – embarrassingly – it was a long time ago. April 2017 to be precise, and Issue 181 of this ezine, was the place where we started our re-think of the … Read More

Physical Contradictions & 27 Windows

29/04/2018 |

Darrell Mann

The physical contradiction aspects of the TRIZ method have become something of an orphan relative to other parts of the toolkit. Other tools have had lots of care and attention devoted to their upkeep and evolution in a … Read More

Re-Thinking Physical Contradictions #1: Technical Problems

13/03/2018 |

Darrell Mann

The least well evolved of all the TRIZ tools feels more and more like the Physical Contradiction story. The more time and energy we devote to updating the Contradiction Matrix tool, the more the Physical Contradiction part seems … Read More

TRIZ: Physical Contradictions with Skis

01/03/2010 |

The following offers physical contradictions with TRIZ using the example of skis. Tools used include separating in time, space and structure, using phase transition and moving from current levels to sub or super levels.Read More

Evaporating Contradictions – Physical And/or Technical

05/03/2007 |

Making a choice between a physical or technical contradiction is in itself another contradiction. When in any either/or discussion, the best answer is that a) we are asking the wrong question and b) adopting a both/and approach is preferable.Read More

Application of Physical-Chemical Properties of Bentonite Utilized In Construction, as viewed Through the TRIZ Prism.

12/10/2005 |

By: Abram Teplitskiy, Richard Gee, Roustem Kourmaev

Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant, Dallas, Texas, USA Richard Gee, P.E., President, GEE Consultants, Dallas, Texas, USA Roustem Kourmaev, President, KRUS Company, UFA, Russian Federation

The most important step in TRIZ (Theory … Read More

Proposal of an object-oriented model of the physical contradiction to facilitate the problem-framing phase in design

15/01/2004 |

Executive Summary

In this article, we present our study on the building of an object-oriented model to represent the physical contradiction. This model is based on the specification of objects, which are the basic elements of representation, rules linking the … Read More

Practical Case Study of Resolving the Physical Contradiction in TRIZ; Super Water-Saving Toilet System Using Flexible Tube

20/11/2003 |

By: Hong Suk Lee, Kyeong-Won Lee Hong Suk Lee (1), Kyeong-Won Lee (2) (1) KID Inc. (Korea Item Development Inc. e -mail :

(2) Dept. of Mechanical Design, Korea Polytechnic University ( e -mail :

ABSTRACT This … Read More

Solution Dynamics as a Function of Resolution Method (Physical Contradiction v. Technical Contradiction)

06/01/2003 |

Solution Dynamics as a Function of Resolution Method (Physical Contradiction v. Technical Contradiction)

Michael S. Slocum, K.O.St.I., Ph.D. Ontro, Inc. 13250 Gregg Street Poway, CA 92064 USA

Ellen Domb, Ph.D. PQR Group … Read More

Physical Contradictions and Evaporating Clouds

18/04/2000 |

(Case Study Applications of TRIZ and the Theory of Constraints)

Darrell MANN Industrial Fellow, Department Of Mechanical Engineering University Of Bath, Bath, BA2 7AY, UK +44 (1225) 826465 FAX +44 (1225) 826928

Roy … Read More

Ski – A Perfect Physical Contradiction Example for TRIZ

19/03/2000 |

By Pentti Söderlin, Helsinki, Finland

The following is an addendum to TRIZ-Journal articles ‘Su-Field Analysis’ by John Ternienko and ‘The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples Section One by John Ternienko, Ellen Domb and Joe Miller in February 2000 … Read More

How to Teach Physical Effects in Game Manner

08/02/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

The aim of the game is to refresh the knowledge of students about physical effects. I taught it in Byelorussia (former USSR) and then in Israel, when I worked in Jerusalem … Read More