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Coffee Cups, Toilet Paper Cores, Video Stores, UV Protection, and Magic Fiddles

30/11/2010 |

Jack Hipple

What do all these topics have in common? They are all examples of new products that eliminate some other product or part of a system and still accomplish most or all of the original intent but with greater simplicity, … Read More

Call for Paper – TRIZ-Publication Project

28/08/2004 |

The German TRIZ-online Team is planning the publication of a TRIZ book. The intention of this book is to demonstrate the multiple capabilities of TRIZ in all facetts. By gathering articles from TRIZexperts of all areas it shall give a … Read More

ETRIA – Call for Paper – Final Announcement – 4th TRIZ Future Conference

25/07/2004 |

Florence (Italy), November 3-5, 2004

TRIZ the “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” is a living science and a practical methodology: millions of patents have been examined and analysed to look for principles of innovation – to study the patterns of … Read More

Limiting Contradictions In A Photographic Paper Manufacturing Process

16/04/2004 |

Introductions Engineering systems, and particularly their associated production manufacture operations, are subject to limits in their fundamental capability. Understanding how and why these limits occur is an essential precursor to overcoming them. This article builds on previous work examining the … Read More

Case Study in AD And TRIZ: A Paper Machine

19/03/2004 |

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