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Not So Funny – Pet Rock Redux & Other Barely Essential Luxuries

13/03/2019 |

Darrell Mann

One thing I’ve never been able to properly forgive my parents for is their refusal to let me have a pet-rock when I was a boy. Spool forward 35 years, and it got re-launched as the USB version. … Read More

The Problem with Ariz and Other Innovation Processes

03/12/2007 |

What is the blinding flash of the obvious that designers of sequential problem solving processes have somehow failed to address before? Step-wise processes will not and cannot work so do not try to create them.Read More

Some Thoughts About TRIZ Feature Transfer Into Other Field of Human Life

10/11/2006 |

Gregory Frenklach Israel

There were a lot of trials to perform feature transfer of TRIZ tools into other fields of human activities like management, advertisement, marketing, election, education and so on. Some of them were more successful, some less … Read More


22/10/2006 |

Time is one of the major regulators of our life, as well as the major subject of philosophy, science, and even poetry, example of which you’ll find below. Nice example of such poetry you’ll find below -poem about time … Read More

Integrating TRIZ and Other Methodologies in Product/process Re-engineering

11/02/2004 |

By: Pierluigi Petrali

Abstract A structured workflow for an integrated product/process optimization is presented. This workflow is intended mainly for cost-reducing objectives and is based on an integrated usage of different methodologies along with TRIZ.

Introduction It’s well known that … Read More

The Integration Of TRIZ Problem Solving Techniques With Other Problem Solving And Assessment Tools

12/08/2003 |

By: Jack Hipple

Principal Innovation-TRIZ Tampa, FL 33647 USA 813-994-9999

TRIZ, as a problem-solving process, is seldom used or brought into an organization in a vacuum. There is almost always an existing structure of tools and processes in use … Read More

System Operator Tutorial – 4) Integrating Other Perspectives

17/01/2002 |

This is the fourth article in a series of tutorials on the system operator. The earlier articles appeared in the September,November, and December 2001 issues.

System Operator Tutorial 4) Integrating Other Perspectives

Notes From Other Publications

09/01/2002 |

By Ellen Domb Larry Smith, President of the Altshuller Institute, has an excellent article this month in the Six Sigma Forum, published by the American Society for Quality. He has an elegant graphical presentation of the entire design process, and … Read More

Problem-Solving and Other Antidotes for Psychological Inertia

03/01/1999 |

by James Kowalick, President Renaissance Leadership Institute and TRIZ University ( (530) 692-1944 ~ E-mail:

When there is a “difficult” problem to solve, the problem is difficult just because there is usually some barrier that prevents … Read More