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Not So Funny – 40 Inventive Nature Principles

04/03/2020 |

Darrell Mann

1. Segmentation 2. Taking Out 3. Local Quality 4. Asymmetry 5. Merging 6. Universality 7. ‘Nested Doll’ 8. Counterweight 9. Prior Counter-Action 10. Prior Action 11. Prior Cushioning 12. Remove Tension 13. ‘The Other Way Round’ 14. Spheroidality/Rotation … Read More

Comparing Problem Solving in Nature and TRIZ

02/04/2007 |

Design in nature (bionical solutions) can help with TRIZ tools and improve the ability of TRIZ to solve problems. The objectives of biology and engineering are similar: functionality, optimization and cost effectivenessRead More

Better design using nature’s successful (no-compromise) solutions

02/05/2006 |

Darrell Mann1 Conall Ó Catháin2 1Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK, 2Queen’s University, Belfast, UK

Abstract The paper describes a programme of work aimed at identifying and codifying design solutions from the natural world in which a trade-off or compromise has been … Read More

How Gecko Teaches Us to Segment All Things. Learning Yet More from Nature

17/06/2004 |

Velcro tape has got a counterpart on the micro-level: “Gecko tape”. The Centre for Mesoscience and Nanotechnology in the University of Manchester has developed a new adhesive, a tape coated with 500-nanometer fibers that are 2 micrometers long. The glueless … Read More

TRIZ in Nature – Lichen as a Bisystem

15/03/1997 |

Lichen (group Lichenes) is an example of bisystem and alternative system design in nature. The “initial system” is an alga which can synthesize organic matter (plus), but cannot obtain water in dry places (minus). A fungus we can consider as … Read More