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Patent of the Month – Nerve Stimulation Method

28/09/2019 |

Darrell Mann

Our patent of the month this month takes us to the New Jersey-based enterprise, Electrocore LLC. US10,252,074 was granted to a trio of inventors at the company on 10 April. The company has been around and offering non-invasive … Read More

Design Thinking – Philosophy, Method, Tool

20/02/2018 |

Darrell Mann

There’s an old joke in the Six Sigma world. One of the founding fathers is on a panel at a conference. Alongside him is one of the founding fathers of the preceding Total Quality Management world. Questions are … Read More

In Search of the Ideal TRIZ Teaching Method

04/08/2008 |

TRIZ practitioners continue debating how best to teach it. Recognizing everyone is different, learns differently and possesses a different knowledge base the article explores different thinking/teaching modes.Read More

Innovating From The Top – Method, Myth, or Madness?

11/09/2007 |

Bob Carter

There is a view that the clearest view of the Innovation horizon is from the top of the ladder but is this a fact or fiction?  It is true that industry leaders need to set an environment that enables … Read More

Application of S.I.T. Method in “REGBA” Kitchens Production Plant – The 12th International Conference of the Israel Association for Quality, 01 – 03 December 1998, Jerusalem

07/11/2003 |

Author: Peretz Manor, {B.Sc}.,S.I.T. problem solving expert Regba 25223 ISRAEL peretz

Summary: This article reviews the actual application of the S.I.T. method to solve technological problems as presented during a Structured Inventive Thinking course held at Moshav Shitufi (collective … Read More

A New Method For Creating The Non-Technologic Principles Of TRIZ

05/10/2003 |

Dr Mohammad.H Saliminamin Professor of Industrial Engineering at Faculty of Industrial Engineering , Amirkabir Polytechnic University,Tehran,Iran And President of Iran Insitute of Innovation and Technology Navid Nezafati PhD student of Industrial Engineering at Faculty of Industrial Engineering , Amirkabir … Read More

Using Value-Engineering Analysis + TRIZ Method For Improving The Stripping Grain-Harvesting Machine

18/09/2003 |

By: Peter Chuksin, Alexander Skuratovich, Nikolay Shpakovsky This article was first published in Russian on the site

INTRODUCTION High quality of products is one of the main prerequisites for a company’s success on the world market. The quality of … Read More

Combination of ARIZ92 and NM (Nakayama, Masakazu) Method for the 5-th level problems

02/05/2003 |

By: Yoshiki Nakamura

Yoshiki Nakamura 6-39-15,Todoroki, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan Sanno Institute of Management

Abstract Altshuller categorized problems into 5 levels based on types of applied knowledge. The TRIZ Standard Solutions are considered to be most suitable for solving problems … Read More

Solution Dynamics as a Function of Resolution Method (Physical Contradiction v. Technical Contradiction)

06/01/2003 |

Solution Dynamics as a Function of Resolution Method (Physical Contradiction v. Technical Contradiction)

Michael S. Slocum, K.O.St.I., Ph.D. Ontro, Inc. 13250 Gregg Street Poway, CA 92064 USA

Ellen Domb, Ph.D. PQR Group … Read More

A TRIZ Inventive Design Method without Contradiction Information

25/09/2001 |

Chih-Chen Liu, Ph.D. student Department of Mechanical Engineering National Cheng Kung University Tainan, 701 TAIWAN Lecture, Department of Mechanical Engineering Far East College, Tainan, TAIWAN

Jahau Lewis Chen, professor Department of Mechanical Engineering National Cheng Kung … Read More

Intuitive Design Method (IDM), A New Approach on Design Methods Integration

04/10/2000 |

Denis CAVALLUCCI Laboratoire de Recherche en Productique de Strasbourg 24, Boulevard de la Victoire 67084 STRASBOURG CEDEX FRANCE

Philippe LUTZ Laboratoire de Recherche en Productique de Strasbourg 24, Boulevard de la Victoire 67084 STRASBOURG CEDEX FRANCE

ABSTRACT When … Read More

The experience of the Anticipatory Failure Determination (AFD) method applied to an Engine Concern

15/06/2000 |

First presented at the Altshuller Institute TRIZCON2000, May 1, 2000

Vladimir Proseanic (Ideation Int.) Dmitry Tananko (Ford Motor Co.) Svetlana Visnepolschi (Ideation Int.)


The paper discusses the results of the … Read More

I Wish The Work To Be Completed By Itself, Without My Involvement: The Method Of The Ideal Result In Engineering Problem Solving.

06/04/2000 |

Iouri Belski Department of Communication and Electronic Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Fax: +61 3 9662 1060; E-mail:

Keywords: TRIZ, QFD, problem solving, invention, ideal result.


Read More

Design and analysis of a method for monitoring felled seat seam characteristics utilizing TRIZ Methods

10/12/1999 |

Timothy G. Clapp, PhD, PE Professor NC State University Raleigh, NC 27695

Brad A. Dickinson Design Engineer 3-TEX Incorporated Cary, NC 27511


Felled seams are used extensively in … Read More

Case Studies In TRIZ: A Quickly and Reliably Method for Opening Envelopes

04/08/1999 |

Jia-Lin Chen\ and Ching-Huan Tseng\\ Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu 30056, Taiwan, R. O. C. E-mail: TEL:886-3-5726111 EXT. 55155 FAX:886-3-5717243


People may find that all kinds of envelopes in the stationery stores are designed … Read More

Solving Problems With Method of the Ideal Result

14/07/1999 |

First published in the Proceedings of the 11th Quality Function Deployment Symposium,Novi, MI, USA, June, 1999

IouriBelskiDepartmentof Communication and Electronic Engineering,Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Melbourne, Victoria,Australia.Fax: +61 3 9662 1060; E-mail:

Diversionary Method

01/04/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

Do you remember this joke: “If everything is OK with your system – Don’t worry – It will not last for a long time”? Different methods like FMEA, for example, were developed in order to predict … Read More