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ValuesMatch – First Principle Mapping Of Enterprise & Individual Values

05/08/2018 |

Darrell Mann

How do you know if new job candidates will fit with the values of your enterprise? How do you know that current employees do the same? That they are authentically ‘talking the talk’? Especially since, looking at the … Read More


02/11/2015 |

Originally published in TRIZfest2014

Andrei Kuryan1 and Valeri Souchkov2

1 EPAM Systems, Minsk office, Belarus

2ICG Training & Consulting, Enschede, 7511KH, The Netherlands



The paper presents a framework for expanding the Value Conflict Mapping approach originally developed for collecting … Read More

Is There Any Mapping of 39 Characteristics of TRIZ

01/01/2010 |

I am trying to map 39 characteristics of TRIZ matrix (NOT 40 principles) to a particular domain. One of the domain is medical.I am looking for any pointers/links to this kind of mappinRead More

Cluster Mapping

01/01/2010 |

i've seen a mention or two of cluster mappin g in the news lately. can someone explan why it should be a part of a strategic innovation process?Read More

Mapping the Innovation Space Two: Individual Solutions Drives Infinite Disruptive Innovations

05/09/2004 |

By: Dr. John Cooney, Barry Winkless

Dr. John Cooney ( Barry Winkless Hdip, MSc ( Altran Technologies Ireland

Abstract This paper expounds the need for a new paradigm for innovation at the problem space. It suggests that innovation needs to … Read More

Mapping the Innovation Space One: Novel Tools for Problem Definition in Product Innovation

16/07/2004 |

By: Barry Winkless, Dr. John Cooney

Barry Winkless Hdip, MSc ( Dr. John Cooney ( Altran Technologies Ireland.

Abstract The following article introduces and describes two novel problem definition tools. The tools include the Concurrent Problem Definition Tool, and the … Read More

Maturity Mapping of DVD Technology

12/09/1999 |

BySanjana Vijayakumar

TE 589ANorth Carolina State University (NCSU)

Under the Direction of:

Dr. Michael S. SlocumAdjunct Assistant Professor, NCSUDr. Tim G. ClappProfessor, NCSU


Evolution in stages is a macrolevel technology aimed at the … Read More