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Comments About Innovation by Knowledge Brokers

01/01/2010 |

Hi.. I am engineering student . I would like to know your comments about the Innovation by knowledge brokers (spanning multiple industries to innovate by transferring knowledge from where it is knownRead More

Lamda and TRIZ: Knowledge Sharing Across the Enterprise

06/04/2009 |

Lean product development helps companies use knowledge more effectively within product development. The look, ask, model, discuss, act (LAMDA) in problem solving is part of the lean product development toolkit, which provides an accessible process.Read More

TRIZ on Design-oriented Knowledge-based Systems

02/03/2009 |

How to establish a relationship between the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) functional basis and TRIZ taxonomies as a first step toward the creation of a library of TRIZ-based algorithms.Read More

I’m Going to Eat Your Brains and Gain Your Knowledge

27/11/2007 |

Michael S. Slocum

OK not really. However, I am going to describe an approach to innovation that does allow you to leverage the intellectual capabilities of OTHER problem solvers for the generation of solutions to YOUR problems.  This can be achieved … Read More

Body of Knowledge for Classical TRIZ

01/10/2007 |

The knowledge map for classical TRIZ allows for an interpretation of its fundamental working principles and provides the roadmap for TRIZ study established by the Taiwan TRIZ Association.Read More

Proposal Of A Set Of Fundamental Principles For Knowledge-Based Creativity Techniques

23/08/2003 |

By: Jaime Beleta

Foreword TRIZ methodology and related techniques were classified as knowledge-based by Alla Zusman (1). The knowledge-based concept was also used by Seymon Savransky in his proposed definition of TRIZ (2). This classification is accurate and useful … Read More

Integrating Knowledge From Biology Into The TRIZ Framework

20/10/2001 |

Darrell Mann Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Bath Bath, BA2 7AY, UK Phone: +44 (1225) 826465 Fax: +44 (1225) 826928 E-mail:

“During WW1, the (Soviet) Navy started using hydrophones to listen and … Read More

Making Knowledge Tangible

12/12/2000 |

© CMC and DuVersity, September 2000

Anthony Blake Director of Studies, DuVersity, Charles Town, WV, USA

Darrell Mann Industrial Fellow, University of Bath, UK.


Read More

An Integrated Operational Knowledge Base (System of Operators) and the Innovation Workbench System Software

22/05/1999 |

Boris Zlotin and Alla ZusmanSeptember 22, 1992Kishinev, Moldova

Translation and comments by Alla Zusman August, 1998© 1998 Ideation International Inc.May 1, 1999


Operator – a transformation as denoted by a TRIZ principle, method, standardsolution, … Read More

Managing Innovation Knowledge – The Ideation Approach to the Search, Development, and Utilization of Innovation Knowledge

16/04/1999 |

Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman February, 1999 Southfield, Michigan USA

© 1998 Ideation International Inc.


The oft-quoted expression “TRIZ is based on technology rather than psychology” is a direct translation from the Russian. This declaration was made by … Read More

Virtual Manufacturing and Knowledge-Based Design: Society of Automotive Engineers Topical Technical Conference

14/12/1997 |

Ellen Domb, Editor The TRIZ Journal


The SAE Topical Technical Conferences focus on specific issues, and bring together diverse experts in the field with people active in implementation of the methods being discussed. … Read More