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The Lessons Of History

04/03/2018 |

Darrell Mann

So, we travel back to 1969 for our selection this month and the work of genius that is Pullitzer Prize winning Will and Ariel Durant’s masterwork, ‘The Lessons Of History’. Well, actually, their official masterwork is the lifelong … Read More

A Brief History of TRIZ

22/09/2015 |

© 2008, Revised: July 2015

Sooner or later, almost everyone who seriously studies TRIZ and Systematic Innovation, starts wondering about history of TRIZ: why there are so many TRIZ tools, what followed what, and how both TRIZ as a discipline … Read More

TRIZ Patterns of Evolution as a Means for Supporting History of Technology: Analyzing the Brunelleschi’s Dome Cranes

04/07/2003 |

By: Gaetano Cascini (1), Romano Nanni (2), Davide Russo (3)

(1) Università degli Studi di Firenze Facoltà di Ingegneria, Dip. di Meccanica e Tecnologie e-mail: (2) Museo Leonardiano – Biblioteca Leonardiana Comune di Vinci (FI) e-mail: (3) … Read More

On the History of Separation Principles

05/10/2000 |

Y. B. Karasik e-mail:


As is known, the concept of physical contradictions is one of the cornerstones of TRIZ.

It is also well known that they are resolved with the help of so called “separation principles”. What … Read More