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Getting The Best Out Of The Contradiction Matrix

10/05/2018 |

Darrell Mann

In light of the publication of the new version of the Contradiction Matrix for Business & Management problems, it felt like a good time to review different ways of using the various different Contradiction Matrix tools. We’ve had … Read More

Getting to Know You….

28/04/2010 |

Jack Hipple

Anyone old enough to remember that song? “Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You…” Well, I am still in a state of amazement and it took 4 days of contemplation to write a column after seeing … Read More

Getting Started Application of TRIZ

01/01/2010 |

Hi all please can someone give me a hint how I could use Triz to come up with idea to solve the following problem: I want low cost and this leads me to buy from low cost suppliers (read as India/ChinaRead More

Getting an Idea Seek Yet More. How Video Communication Helps in Psychiatry and Business and How Cameras Detect Lies and Improve Communication

12/09/2004 |

By: Kalevi Rantanen TRIS OY Brahenk. 9 E 18 FIN-20100 TURKU, FINLAND phone/fax +358 2 251 1623 E-mail:

When you find good ideas using patterns of evolution as a tool, think how you might continue the same pattern … Read More

Getting TRIZ Accepted in a Very Busy World

02/10/2000 |

Jack Hipple Principal Innovation-TRIZ Tampa, FL 813-994-9999

TRIZ and its many embodiments in various consulting and software programs is a powerful addition to set of problem solving tools available to engineers, human resource managers, organizational development … Read More