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fuzzy Archives - The Triz Journal

Fuzzy Logic

01/01/2010 |

anybody knows how to use FuzzyLogicController in Matlab simulink??Read More

Using TRIZ to Un-fuzzy the Fuzzy Front End

05/10/2009 |

Innovation research has focused much of its efforts on what is called the fuzzy front end. The term was originally coined by Peter Koen, a professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology. It refers to the creation of new ideas and product concepts.Read More

Student Corner: Overcome Assumptions – Use Fuzzy Logic

04/02/2008 |

Classic logic comes down to the law of the excluded third – A or not A, white or not white. In ancient Greece they started to consider paradoxes – a "mismatch" problem, "The world is gray, but science is black and white."Read More

Student Corner: Dialectic and Fuzzy Logic

03/12/2007 |

Logic and experience can "trick" minds. Understanding the different types of logic and opportunities for confusion can help avoid the traps people regularly face.Read More

The Fuzzy Front End (FFE) isn’t so Fuzzy with TRIZ

18/09/2004 |

By: Jack Hipple Principal Innovation-TRIZ Tampa, FL 813-994-9999

For the last 5-10 years, corporations have struggled with cost reduction, costly environmental regulations, competitive threats to their products, and other factors that affect the cost factor of the bottom line. … Read More

Conference Report: “Bringing the Fuzzy Front End into Focus”

15/01/1998 |

Ellen Domb, Editor The TRIZ Journal 190 N. Mountain Ave., Upland, CA 91786 USA +1(909)949-0857 FAX +1(909)949-2086

TRIZ was featured at the Product Development Management Association’s conference “Bringing the Fuzzy Front End into Focus,” December 15-17 in Scottsdale, AZ. The … Read More