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Futures of Road Traffic Information in Delhi: Application of Functional Analysis in TRIZ

06/03/2017 |

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TRIZ Futures Conf. Day 2 afternoon

04/11/2010 |

Ellen Domb “TRIZ Inside: When are you going to step out of the TRIZ closet?” was the after-lunch challenge from Hans van Grieken from the CapGemini innovation practice. He showed a wide variety of successful innovation companies, and asked, “Would … Read More

TRIZ Futures Conf. Day 2 Morning

04/11/2010 |

Ellen Domb

Professor Romano Nanni started the program with an illustrated talk”:Anthropo-zoomorphic models and kinematic models in Leonardo da Vinci’s mechanizations” The illustrations were from da Vinci’s own notebooks, and they wre both technically fascinating and beautiful as works of art. … Read More

TRIZ Futures Conf. Day 1 Afternoon

03/11/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The opening session of the conference combined thanks to the organizers, led by Caterina Rizzi of the University of Bergamo, and a welcome from Stafano Paleari, rector of the university, with welcome and celebration of the 10th anniversary of … Read More

TRIZ Futures Conf. Day 1 Morning

03/11/2010 |

Ellen Domb

The first morning of the TRIZ Futures Conference European TRIZ Association 2010 is devoted to tutorials. Jose Vicente (frequent TRIZ Journal author) is doing a half-day tutorial for beginners, and I am at the session presented by Simon Litwin, … Read More

European TRIZ Association TRIZ Futures 2007—Day 1 Morning

06/11/2007 |

Ellen Domb

Today is the beginning of the European TRIZ Association TRIZ Futures 2007, in Frankfurt, Germany. Most sessions have either 2 or 3 simultaneous papers. See for the full program—I’ll only report on the papers and sessions that I participate in. I’m … Read More

Predictable Futures: Using Patterns of System Evolution

30/07/2007 |

James Todhunter

Recently, a colleague asked me if the Patterns of System Evolution from TRIZ could be used by non-TRIZ practitioners.  At first the question struck me as being rather odd; it seemed sort of like asking if a map could … Read More

Report on the European TRIZ Association TRIZ Futures 2006 Conference

20/11/2006 |

Kortrijk, Belgium, October 9-11, 2006 Ellen Domb

This report is second in a series of experiments of “live blogging” –reporting on the meeting as it is happening, in the blog then combining the daily postings and some photos, … Read More

Call for papers for European TRIZ Association TRIZ Futures 2006

29/03/2006 |

International Scientific Committee Prof. J. Duflou, K.U.Leuven, Belgium Prof. W. H. Elmaraghy, Univ. of Windsor, Canada Prof. S. C.-Y. Lu, Univ. of Southern California, USA Prof. G. Schuh, Aachen Univ. RWTH, Germany Prof. G. Seliger, TUBerlin, Germany Prof. … Read More

ETRIA TRIZ Futures 2006 announcemen

02/02/2006 |

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Report on ETRIA TRIZ Futures 2005

29/12/2005 |

By: Ellen Domb

Graz, Austria was the 2003 European Cultural center—perhaps that prepared the city to host the European TRIZ Association meeting in 2005? The bronze sculpture in the left photo is the art museum, that was a … Read More

Report from ETRIA TRIZ Futures Conference, November 3-5, 2004

28/12/2004 |

By: Ellen Domb and Michael Slocum

The Italian weather and the TRIZ community were in harmony this week—it was a glorious 3 days in Florence! Early notice: next year TRIZ Futures Conference will be in Graz, Austria—plan now to … Read More