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framework Archives - The Triz Journal

How to Invent Strong – A Framework

13/02/2018 |

Navneet Bhushan

Abstract: One of the most important outputs of human mind has been continuous stream of inventions over many eras of civilization. However, human mind has been inventing using what is called “trial and error” methods on its evolutionary … Read More

Holistic Value Framework – Creating Right Value Streams Using TRIZ and Other Concepts

01/01/2007 |

Lean Thinking is widely accepted as a philosophy and technique for eliminating waste from processes. Several TRIZ techniques can add value to Lean, creating a holisitic value framework suitable for process analysis, optimization and alignment of processes to their end-objectives.Read More

“Ideality-Serendipity Paradigm” or “Intuition-Logic framework”

26/09/2006 |

Richard W. Gee, P.E., President, GEE Consultants, Inc. Roustem Kourmaev, P.E., President, Advanced Technologies International, Inc. Abram Teplitskiy, PhD, Scientific Consultant Dallas, Texas

In two previous issues of TRIZ Journal (June-July 2006) there were published interesting articles, in which … Read More

Framework for solving Global problems-A case study using TRIZ

22/08/2006 |

Abhisek Bhowmik 602 537 3928(O) 480 626 2505(H) or Business Analyst Infosys Technologies Limited 10835, N 25th Avenue, Suite 300 Phoenix-AZ 85029 Phone 480 655 3579

Introduction TRIZ was originally derived from the analysis of patents related to … Read More

Integrating Knowledge From Biology Into The TRIZ Framework

20/10/2001 |

Darrell Mann Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Bath Bath, BA2 7AY, UK Phone: +44 (1225) 826465 Fax: +44 (1225) 826928 E-mail:

“During WW1, the (Soviet) Navy started using hydrophones to listen and … Read More