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Patent of the Month – Reducing Ice Crystal Formation

07/11/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Our patent of the month this month is US9,986,733, granted to Bay Area start-up, X-Therma (, ‘biomimetic nanotech’) on the 5th of June. Here’s what the company has to say about the problem being solved in their invention:

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Formation of Institute of Professional Innovators

27/09/2005 |

Editor’s note: This letter from Greg Yezersky was first published in the TRIZ Topica forum. The invitation is being extended to all readers of The TRIZ Journal. Formation of the Institute of Professional Innovators and first seminar and meeting:

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Announcing the Formation of the Altshuller Institiute for TRIZ Studies

21/05/1998 |

Steve Rodman

Since 1995, Technical Innovation Center has been working with Genrich Altshuller– developer of TRIZ — to create a TRIZ study institute in the United States. Last year we reached a formal agreement providing for the establishment of … Read More