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ETRIA – Day 1 Afternoon

06/11/2007 |

Ellen Domb

The main conference opened in the afternoon with greetings from the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce, and the joint sponsors, Dr. Rolf Herb from TRIZ Centrum and Prof. Gaetano Cascini from ETRIA. Gaetano announced that the membership meeting on Thursday will … Read More

ETRIA TRIZ Futures 2006 announcemen

02/02/2006 |

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Report on ETRIA TRIZ Futures 2005

29/12/2005 |

By: Ellen Domb

Graz, Austria was the 2003 European Cultural center—perhaps that prepared the city to host the European TRIZ Association meeting in 2005? The bronze sculpture in the left photo is the art museum, that was a … Read More

Report from ETRIA TRIZ Futures Conference, November 3-5, 2004

28/12/2004 |

By: Ellen Domb and Michael Slocum

The Italian weather and the TRIZ community were in harmony this week—it was a glorious 3 days in Florence! Early notice: next year TRIZ Futures Conference will be in Graz, Austria—plan now to … Read More

About ETRIA’s TRIZ Future conference 2004

01/12/2004 |

By: Denis CAVALLUCCI , president

Foreword Despite the fact that TRIZ Future Conference was held on the exact same day of US presidency election, nobody went fishing in TRIZ world on November 3rd. Once more, the standards established by … Read More

ETRIA – Call for Paper – Final Announcement – 4th TRIZ Future Conference

25/07/2004 |

Florence (Italy), November 3-5, 2004

TRIZ the “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” is a living science and a practical methodology: millions of patents have been examined and analysed to look for principles of innovation – to study the patterns of … Read More

ETRIA – What is going on with TRIZ?

20/07/2004 |

What is going on with TRIZ? In order to inform the members of ETRIA about activities in the field of innovation and especially TRIZ, we want to establish a Newsletter at least three times per year. The ideas and proposals … Read More

ETRIA – European TRIZ Association

25/01/2001 |


The founding members are pleased to announce the founding, on 15 October 2000, of the European TRIZ Association, ETRIA.

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