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TRIZ for Learning English

01/01/2010 |

Hi How can I find this article? “TRIZ for learning English”RegardsAhmed JassaniRead More

Changing the Paradigm in Business English Learning Using TRIZ

17/11/2006 |

By: Manoj Jaiswal and Padma Tata Infosys Technologies Limited This paper was originally presented in ‘The Second TRIZ Symposium in Japan, September 2006’

Abstract Infosys Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: INFY) being a global organization has clients and offices across geographies. For … Read More

Review: JOURNAL OF TRIZ: Value to English-Speaking Readers

10/02/2006 |

by: Jack Hipple Publication Details: the Journal of TRIZ is the English translation of the Russian language magazine, which has just resumed publication in 2005 after a long hiatus. The cost of a single issue of the Journal of … Read More

MATRIZ publishes Journal of TRIZ in Russian and English

28/09/2005 |

The main purpose of the journal is the development and proliferation of TRIZ. The journal’s aim, among other things, is development of new directions in TRIZ, development of TRIZ as science and technology for improvement of systems in various … Read More

Preview of a New English Translation of a TRIZ Book

13/09/2003 |

By: Vladimir Petrov

INTRODUCTION Dear reader, I’d like to introduce you to the first book in the series “Professional TRIZ.”1 The theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ) is a science that allows creative problems in any field of knowledge … Read More

Press Release: TRIZ for Children Available in English

05/02/2001 |

“TRIZ Home Page in Japan” has been updated:

“Course of Creative Imagination Development (CID) based on TRIZ: Methodical Guide-Books and Children Workbooks for the 1st to 3rd Grades” by Natalia V. Rubina (Petrozavodsk, Russia) 1998, 1999 [in Russian], English … Read More

New TRIZ Books in English

04/06/1997 |

Book Reviews and Commentary by Ellen Domb editor@triz-journal

In the 7 months since we started The TRIZ Journal, the single most frequently asked question from new readers has been “What can I read in English to help me learn more?” … Read More