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Nov. 3: Listen to Ellen Domb on Quality Conversations

23/10/2009 |

Katie Barry

On Tuesday, November 3rd, Ellen Domb will be a guest on Steve Wilson’s Quality Conversations on BlogTalkRadio. Click and listen at 11 a.m. PT to a discussion on “TRIZ Techniques and Their Practical Application.”

Ellen is an expert on the … Read More

TRIZ and Six Sigma: Ellen Domb on Quality Conversations

29/09/2009 |

Katie Barry

Tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept 30), Ellen Domb, founding editor of The TRIZ Journal, will be on Steve Wilson’s show Quality Conversations, hosted by BlogTalkRadio.

Steve has interviewed a plethora of quality professionals in the past. Guest apperances include Tom Kubiak, … Read More

TRIZCON Comments From Ellen Domb

24/04/2007 |

Katie Barry

Ellen Domb is guesting in my commentary section so all the (live) TRIZCON  comments are in the same place.


I’m in “Improve the Wear of Titanium Drum Edges and Simplification of Buffing Process Using Trimming” by Shinhoo Choi … Read More

About Commentator: Ellen Domb

01/01/2007 |

Ellen Domb

Ellen Domb is the founder of the PQR Group and founding editor of The TRIZ Journal. TRIZ is Dr. Domb’s 6th career: she has been a physics professor, an aerospace engineer, an engineering manager, a product line general manager, … Read More