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effects Archives - The Triz Journal

Pointers to Effects for Non-technical Problem Solving

02/03/2009 |

Efficiency and effectiveness of TRIZ for solving non-technical problems appears to be much lower than what is used for technical problem solving. The absence of pointers to effects for non-technical problem solving should be one of the main causes.Read More

Destroying Construction Materials with Technological Effects

06/10/2008 |

The destruction of large stones, pieces of structures, hard soil monoliths, etc. is often necessary to begin construction – new destruction methods were required.Read More

Super Effects: the Synergistic Effects of TRIZ

06/08/2007 |

Just one trend of evolution (out of more than thirty) can be used as a competitive weapon. Trends not only tell us where our products are on their evolutionary journey versus a competitor’s product, for example, but also where products must evolve.Read More

TRIZCON – Super Effects and Predictive Failure Analysis

24/04/2007 |

Katie BarrySuper Effects

Gunter Ladewig of PRIMA Performance Ltd. is leading the talk on Super Effects, The Synergistic Effects of TRIZ. Start by eliminating a system’s contradiction by using the inventive principles or trends of engineering system evolution, you end up … Read More

Causes = Effects?(1)

15/08/2004 |

By: Ed Sickafus Ntelleck, LLC, Grosse Ile, MI, USA (734) 676-3594,

Early in teaching USIT (2) to industrial technologists it became clear that finding root causes, in problems brought to class, often was a difficult task. This was … Read More

Eleven Uses of Effects

12/09/1998 |

By Kalevi Rantanen TRIS OY E-mail:

New software (the last SW package is TechOptimizer Professional Edition 3.0 – TOPE – published by Invention Machine Corporation in 1998) has made physical effects increasingly popular. One advantage of effects … Read More

Classifying the Technical Effects

01/03/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

The Technical Effects Classification.

First of all let’s define what is an effect in the wide sense of this word.

Under “effect” we will understand the transformation which is characterized by its input, … Read More

How to Teach Physical Effects in Game Manner

08/02/1998 |

Gregory Frenklach

The aim of the game is to refresh the knowledge of students about physical effects. I taught it in Byelorussia (former USSR) and then in Israel, when I worked in Jerusalem … Read More