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Innovation and Education, from Dr. Russ Ackoff

01/01/2010 |

Fellow RealInnovation Posters, Good afternoon!FYI, here is some recent blogging that may interest you, about Innovation and Education, from Dr. Russ Ackoff' s blog: http://ackoffcenter.bloRead More

TRIZ in Industrial Technology Education

07/05/2007 |

TRIZ provided a powerful systematical approach for a technology graduate student to approach a problem regarding fuel cell research. TRIZ education is a valuable part of students’ programs of study and helps them find solutions to unfamiliar problems.Read More

Education in Innovation

05/05/2007 |

Praveen Gupta

In my earlier commentary, I was searching for courses on the process of innovation. While it is difficult to find courses on teaching the process of innovation, however, universities such as Harvard, University of Chicago, and Kellogg School of … Read More

40 Inventive Principles with Applications in Education

12/04/2004 |

Introduction Recent TRIZ research has resulted in extending TRIZ applications into non-technical areas. The Contradiction Matrix and corresponding 40 Principles have found applications in several areas, for example business (Mann & Domb, 1999) and (Mann, 1999), service operations management (Zhang, … Read More

School-factory will die. What’s on? (Education during the change of civilizations)

10/04/2004 |

Why is the traditional school arranged just so and not in another way? Why is just this system of teaching so claimed and firm? Nature is not sparing of variety. We all are so various – even those of us … Read More