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Microsoft National Innovation Forum – Part I: The Context

28/09/2007 |

Praveen Gupta

Last week I had a great opportunity to participate in an innovation forum organized by Microsoft in Redmond, WA. Participants included Microsoft’s customers, employees, and partners including affiliates, consultants, professors, and experts. Objective of the forum was to seek input … Read More

IDEALITY AND ‘SELF-X’ – Part 3: Business Context and Case Studies

22/04/2003 |

By: Darrell Mann

Darrell Mann Director, CREAX nv Ieper, Belgium Phone/Fax: +44 (1275) 342960 E-mail:

Introduction This article forms the third in a series of three discussing the importance of systems that incorporate solutions incorporating the word ‘self’ in … Read More

Application of Triz Tools in a Non-Technical Problem Context

03/08/2000 |

This article is a modified and expanded version of a paper presented under the title ‘Systematic Innovation for Business Leaders’ at TRIZCON2000.

Darrell Mann Industrial Fellow, Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Bath … Read More

TRIZ Within the Context of The Kano Model or Adding the Third Dimension to Quality

23/10/1999 |

Steve Ungvari, SPI, Inc. 810-220-8440


The purpose of this paper is to link the evolution of quality with the emerging body of knowledge contained in the TRIZ methodology. Understanding how TRIZ integrates with quality will arm the reader … Read More