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The 10th International Conference on Systematic Innovation (ICSI) & the 9th Global Competition on Systematic Innovation (GCSI)

06/11/2018 |


Date: July 08-11, 2019, Liverpool, UK Web: E-mail:



  • International Society of Innovation Methods (I-SIM)
  • The Society of Systematic Innovation (SSI)
  • The University of Liverpool Management School (Local Host)
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Why Is Innovation a Competition?

11/05/2008 |

Ellen Domb

Business Week’s annual list of the top 25 innovation companies came out the same week (April 28, 2008) as the Fortune 500 list.  Big difference:   the Fortune 500 has an explicit algorithm involving revenue, profit, and other measurable factors.  … Read More

Technosocial Competition

04/02/1997 |

Valeri Sushkov Tel: +31-53-4894646 University of Twente +31-53-4894334 Computer Science Department +31-53-4334079 (home) P.O. Box 217 Fax: +31-53-4892927 7500 AE Enschede Email: The Netherlands copyright by the author, 1997

“Until the beginning of 1990s, worldwide competition was simple; … Read More