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02/09/2016 |

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Valuing a Company’s Innovation Capability

01/01/2010 |

Is the innovation capability of an organisation measurable as a financial  asset and is it typically valued during due diligence at the time of acquisition? We all know that a Brand has a vaRead More

Booz & Company’s Global Innovation 1000

22/10/2008 |

Katie Barry

Booz & Company announced its new Global Innovation 1000 report today –”Beyond Borders.” The report focuses on R&D expenses across the globe as a key innovation indicator. Their top 10 companies include: Toyota, General Motors, Pfizer, Nokia, Johnson & … Read More

Nominate Your Company for iSixSigma Live! Award!

28/09/2008 |

Katie Barry

In 2009, Real Innovation’s sister website, iSixSigma, will host its first annual Summit and Awards in Miami. Although there are some who debate whether innovation and process improvement can work together, we know that as successful as they can … Read More

Your Company Needs to be Durable and Great

27/06/2007 |

Michael Cyger

I posted today on the iSixSigma Blogosphere entitled “Durable and Great.” It has to do with your company becoming both durable (good at execution) and great (good at innovation). The two need to go hand in hand. Read “Durable … Read More

Results Of A Multi-Company Scale TRIZ Deployment In Hong Kong

07/12/2005 |

By: Darrell Mann, Matthew Driver, Joseph Poon, Wilson Lam, Rocky Wong, Chan Wai, Alan Cheung, Churchill Tang

Darrell Mann Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK. Phone/Fax: +44 (1275) 342960 E-mail:

Matthew Driver Director, Network China Ltd

Joseph Poon, Wilson Lam, Rocky … Read More

ASIT case study: Documentation problem at An Indian telecom company

21/06/2004 |

It started during a discussion with one of the General Managers of a telecom company in India, who was not able to figure out a vigorous solution to reduce non-compliance in documentation.

Before we start with the case and the … Read More

Results from Introducing TRIZ tools to a Company

05/11/2001 |

By Frank C. Grace, Graduate Student at North Carolina State University

Editors’ note: Frank Grace told us that he wanted to tell the story of introducing TRIZ to his company, but keep the … Read More