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Biology – Common Rose (Pachliopta aristolochiae)

12/01/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Sunlight reflected by solar cells is lost as unused energy. The wings of the butterfly Pachliopta aristolochiae are drilled by nanostructures (nanoholes) that help absorbing light over a wide spectrum far better than smooth surfaces. Researchers of Karlsruhe … Read More

The Next Common Sense: Philosophy-Level Integration of TRIZ Into an Inegrated Business And Management Innovation Process

02/02/2005 |

By: Darrell Mann Systematic Innovation Ltd

Abstract The article describes a philosophy-level integration between different innovation-related methodologies. The article illustrates the high level of convergence between techniques that have started from quite independent roots. It also describes some of … Read More

Some Principles Are More Common Than Others – 40 Management Principles In Frequency Order

02/08/2004 |

By: Darrell Mann

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Introduction Preceding the official launch of the business and management version of the Hands -On Systematic Innovation book (Reference 1), this article examines some of the research conducted for the book … Read More