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SHERPA CISR Certification Course and Discount for TRIZ Journal Readers

27/10/2016 |

SHERPA Sustainability Institute Offers TRIZ Journal Readers Special Discount to CISR® Certification Course, Including TRIZ Focus

B-Corp Announces Winter Term for CISR® Certified Practitioner Course – Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility, with TRIZ taught throughout and 2 Weeks dedicated to … Read More

Certification in TRIZ

01/01/2010 |

Based in the UK, I am exploring the opportunity for my team to be trained in the use of TRIZ. Exploring the internet has helped me identify a plethora of consultants that can offer both training and fRead More

Innovation Certification?

12/11/2006 |

Katie Barry

I recently listened to a webinar hosted by Spark Partners ( and KnowledgeShift ( called “Continuous Innovation and Beyond – How to Earn a Black Belt in Innovation Overview.” The title of the webinar was intriguing. Achieving innovation is … Read More