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Breakthrough Game Design

21/04/2019 |

Darrell Mann

Since the launch of TRIZmeta last month, we’ve been embarked on a tour of the game industry. Main conclusion: there are a lot of games. And the industry is a lot like every other one in that most … Read More

Paradoxical Thinking & Breakthrough Oxymorons

16/09/2018 |

Darrell Mann

Here’s my new favourite delegate exercise in team-building workshops. The inspiration comes from a twenty-year old book, Paradoxical Thinking, that I found in a junk shop last year (Reference 1). Ultimately it’s yet another book in the category … Read More

Continuous Innovation Enables Breakthrough

02/06/2010 |

Ellen Domb

Rosabeth Moss Kanter (well-known management author and Harvard professor) presents her observations and challenges to CEOs who are embracing innovation during the recovery in the article “Block-by-Blockbuster Innovation” in the May 2010 Harvard Business Review.   See  

I … Read More

“how to Develop “breakthrough” Products and Services

01/01/2010 |

FYI, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has posted another FREE open courseware offering regarding innovation — this one is entitled “How to Develop “Breakthrough” Products and ServiceRead More

Breakthrough Thinking by Nadler & Hibino

01/01/2010 |

I wish to know the TRIZ experts' comments on the above subjectRead More

Breakthrough Carbon Capture: Exploiting Trade-offs

03/09/2007 |

Despite the considerable research into a variety of pre- and post-combustion carbon capture and storage technologies, there’s concern that they won’t achieve the required optimal solutions suitable for timely implementation at acceptable costs.Read More

Case Studies from a Breakthrough Innovation Product Design Programme For Local Industries

01/09/2006 |

Darrell Mann Director, Systematic Innovation Ltd, UK Phone: +44 (1275) 337500, Fax: +44 (1275) 337509 E-mail:

Joseph Poon Director, Hong Kong Productivity Council E-mail: Matthew Driver Director, Network China Ltd, UK E-mail:

Abstract Starting in August 2004, … Read More

Six Sigma Trends: TRIZ Six Sigma for Cost Reduction: Strategic Breakthrough Training Based Projects

18/07/2006 |

Dr. Elena Averboukh is an industry-funded professor at the University of Kassel (Germany) in Quality and Safety Control Systems and works internationally as a Six Sigma and TRIZ Master Instructor and Fellow Master Black Belt for manufacturing, transactional, design, financial … Read More

Constraint-dominated Breakthrough Innovation in a Manufacturing Process Situation (a Case Study from the Photographic Paper Manufacture Industry)

15/02/2004 |

By: Ian Mitchell, Darrell Mann

Abstract All systems hit limits. All attempts to try and improve a system that has hit its fundamental limit are destined to fail. In such situations, additional improvement can only be achieved by making changes … Read More

Book Review: Breakthrough Inventing With TRIZ, Second Edition. By: Larry Ball

21/01/2004 |

Loose leaf notebook, 80 pages. Available from the Products and Services page of The TRIZ Journal as a free download for individual study, or in a printed version in full color for $24.95.

The purpose of most book reviews … Read More

Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ

21/01/2004 |

Study & Observe It takes some time and effort to come up to speed on a problem. Lots of questions need to be asked. Do not rely on the experience of others. Gain firsthand experience of the difficulties and … Read More

Supplement to Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ 2nd Edition

20/01/2004 |

Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ provides step-by-step instructions on how to improve technical systems. It reads like a pictorial recipe book, starting on the upper left of each page and ending at the lower right. Viewing this book in electronic format … Read More

Breakthrough Thinking

01/03/2002 |

By: Larry Ball 480-592-5919

Breakthrough Thinking This paper explains another article in this issue of The TRIZ Journal entitled Breakthrough Thinking , which presents a sequencing of TRIZ tools in a linear solution process. This material is available to … Read More

Breakthrough Innovation In Conflict Resolution: Marrying TRIZ and the Thinking Process

15/05/1999 |

* First published in the Proceedings of the APICS Constraint Management Special Interest Group, March 1999

Ellen Domb H. William Dettmer

Copyright © H. William Dettmer and Ellen Domb


Since Goldratt introduced the logical thinking process as … Read More

Using Analogies to Develop Breakthrough Concepts

11/04/1998 |

Ellen Domb, Ph.D. The TRIZ Institute, 190 N. Mountain Ave., Upland, CA 91786 USA +1(909)949-0857 FAX +1(909)949-2968 ©1998, Ellen Domb

Both the classical and software-based TRIZ methods rely heavily on the use of analogy as a teaching method … Read More