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Evaluation principles of innovative products based on TRIZ algorithm

06/06/2018 |

XIAO-DONG REN, HUI-MIN LI, YONG-MING LU,YAN-CHI WANG Engineering Practice Center ,University of Tongji,China


As a systematic method of innovation, Triz speeds up the process of people’s invention greatly and can obtain high quality innovative products. But it has’t … Read More

Algorithm for choosing technical contradiction

23/01/2018 |

Konstantin Chugunov

This article is Translated from Russian to English and both versions are published here.

1. Check whether there is no problem in most restrictions make it impossible to use one of the TA.

Note 1: Constraints … Read More


01/03/2016 |
  1. Petrova

a Raanana, 6/4 Klauzner St. 43367, Israel



TRIZ includes a number of tools. It can be difficult for a beginner solver to properly select a specific TRIZ tool, or a group of tools and … Read More

A New Problem-solving Algorithm

04/06/2007 |

Historically, each TRIZ tool was developed (and could be used) independently for problem solving. That is why each tool had its own mini-algorithm. This work is a revision of the main TRIZ tools so that they work together as parts of the same system.Read More

An Advanced Computer Algorithm for Implementation of TRIZ for Automated Decision-Making

19/12/2005 |

By: Ashish Mangalampalli

Scholar Computer Science and Engineering Department ICFAI Institute of Science and Technology, ICFAI University 4-102, Jeedimetla, Medchal Road Hyderabad – 500 055, INDIA. Email: Surya K Pala Consultant, Wipro Ltd Bangalore, INDIA. Srirama Moorthy Mangalampalli Senior … Read More

Hierarchal TRIZ Algorithm

03/05/2005 |

1st Installment– May 2005 Hierarchical TRIZ Algorithms is a how-to TRIZ book. It is designed to assist both beginning and advanced users. Each month, the TRIZ-Journal will publish another chapter of the book. This month’s installment includes the book introduction … Read More

Book Review: Altshuller’s The Innovation Algorithm

10/04/1999 |

Reviewed by Ellen Domb

Title: The Innovation Algorithm: TRIZ, systematic innovation, and technical creativity Author: Genrich Altshuller, translated by Lev Shulyak and Steven Rodman Publisher: Technical Innovation Center, Inc. ISBN: 0-9640740-4-4 Order from: Publisher` Cost: $50. Large format paperback, … Read More

ARIZ : The Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving

08/04/1998 |

By Janice Marconi, Marconi Works, International 5 Lambert’s Lane, Stonington, CT 06378 Ph: 860-535-9477 Fx: 860-535-8448


ARIZ is an acronym for the Russian phrase “Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving,” ARIZ is a logical structured process that incrementally … Read More