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PROYECTO TRIZ in Nicaragua

PROYECTO TRIZ in Nicaragua

| On 12, Mar 2003

By Hugo Sanchez

It is a pleasure to inform you about our last efforts to introduce TRIZ in Central America. Recently, the University of Commercial Sciences (the oldest private University of Nicaragua) launched an initiative called in Spanish PROYECTO TRIZ, with the purpose of spread TRIZ among our countries and incorporating it into the academic formation of students in different fields of knowledge.

We are preparing a group of 14 teachers of the University in the basic principles of TRIZ, including some of its expressions as ASIT, USIT, and BREAKTRHOUGH THINKING. After that, this group will start the task of teaching and helping to apply TRIZ methods and tools, as an academic effort in the improvement of skills of professionals in Nicaragua and Central America. The project also includes the registration of a Website devoted to TRIZ with news, discussions, papers, and posted translations of good and instructive articles of authors of different parts of the world. We already had specific approvals from Toru Nakagawa and Ed Sickafus, and we are waiting the answers of some others. In fact, the first paper from Dr. Nakagawa is already posted. Our Webpage is in the following adress: (I am the Editor of TRIZNICARAGUA).

We want encourage our teachers, students, managers, engineers to visit different TRIZ pages of the world (such as TRIZ JOURNAL, CREAX, TRIZ HOME PAGE IN JAPAN, AI, TRIZ XXI, NTELLECK´S USIT WEB SITE, START2THINK, GENERATOR, and others) in order to learn and understand better the uses of TRIZ. But, unfortunately, language is still a great barrier. That is why have a set of translated papers into Spanish seems to be a helpful clue in facilitating the initial impulse to introduce the methodology here.

It will be an honor to us if TRIZ JOURNAL informs to its readers the existence of PROYECTO TRIZ. All contributions and cooperation are welcome and highly appreciated. Editor’s note: All authors of TRIZ Journal articles retain ownership of their copyrights. We have given Proyecto TRIZ permission to translate the editorials and the editors’ articles. Individual authors will hear directly from Sr. Sanchez when he has time and resources to translate their articles, and demand from his members for certain subjects. Their first project, in cooperation with Jose Vicente of TRIZ XXI in Valencia, Spain, was the translation of Larry Ball’s Breakthrough Thinking from the March 2002 issue of The TRIZ Journal. This has been a great success, and has helped get the project launched.