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Plan for Face-to-face Learning

Plan for  Face-to-face Learning

| On 10, Mar 2011

Ellen Domb

Some of the most popular articles in this “commentary” column are the reports from TRIZ conferences around the world. I frequently encourage readers to participate in conferences, because the exchange of information face-to-face is a far richer experience than reading the formal papers from conferences, and we need all kinds of experiences to continue to develop TRIZ.&

Regular TRIZ Journal and Real Innovation authors can’t get to all the conferences.& We need volunteers to write reports so that our whole community can benefit! Likewise, the conferences need new authors and new audiences to expand the growth of TRIZ. Here’s a partial list of conferences and dates, so you can start planning to write a paper, to participate, to attend, and (hopefully!) to write a report for this column.& If you know of any that I have missed, please use the “comments” feature of this column to tell everybody.

This week: Korea Global TRIZCON.& Same time next year, possibly&joint meeting with Taiwan
May: Systematic Innovation Society (Joint meeting, Taiwan and Peoples Republic of China)& Shanghai
May:& Altshuller Institute TRIZCON, tentatively in Houston
July:& MATRIZ, TRIZ Developers Summit, Russia
July:& TRIZIndia Summit (abstracts due NOW!)
September: Japan TRIZ Association
October: US National Innovation Conference and “mini” TRIZCON, Dayton OH
October:& Malaysia TRIZ Association
November:& European TRIZ Association TRIZ Futures Conference, Dublin Ireland (abstracts due soon for short papers)
November-December: Iberoamerican Innovation Congress, organized by Ametriz, Mexico

Many other conferences are held at various times throughout the year:& Italy, Israel, France, TRIZ Centrum (German-speaking countries), Iran, UK, and others. Please encourage the organizers to list them in the Calendar section of The TRIZ Journal and Real Innovation so that all of us can decide how to both contribte to and benefit from face-to-face learning.