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| On 01, Jan 2010

Message: 1412
Posted by: jay
Posted on: Sunday, 31st August 2008

My interest is Padlock innovation and invention

I have this site

Yes I have this thing for padlocks. Don't know why, can't do anything about it just something I have to live with.

I need some assistants with invention and innovation.

At my site I show a patent issued way back there in 1911 for a padlock having multiple sides and now 97 years later nearly two dozen recently issued similar design patents for you guess it multiple sided padlock shackles?

Is there something I am missing here or

is there a serious lack of corporate innovation because why anyone would care how many sides on their padlock shackle?

I hope email will not have you all running out to your local Home Depot to purchase a multiple sided padlock shackle.

That would not be my intent.

Is it that these companies can't think of anything else to make their locks different?


Message: 1414
Posted by: Hagrid
Posted on: Monday, 1st September 2008

Hi, i think the problem is that nobody cares. To quantify this just look at the “padlocks” offered to secure luggage, most are nothing of the sort. TSA locks are pointless, as the master keys are everywhere, and they only use a max of four tumblers on the combination locks – which a thief can crack in a couple of minutes. The same applies to vehicle locks, bike locks etc. I think we've been drawn into an insurance based state of mind, which encourages crime and doesn't inspire anyone to make good, secure, unpickable padlocks. I commend your innovation. R Hagrid.

Message: 1415
Posted by: jay
Posted on: Monday, 1st September 2008

I asked question yesterday about what's going on with so much money being spent on sides to a what is a simple thing a padlock shackle and perhaps you are correct nobody cares. And perhaps they are as I said innovatively challenged.Then got to thinking I wonder if there is a site for things others also think, as you do about luggage locks being nothing of the sort. There wasn't. thanks for your reply.

Message: 1422
Posted by: Randall Marin
Posted on: Tuesday, 9th September 2008

The simplest things … yeah and though challenging. You are right. This is inspiring me to make a full problem definition analysis and see what's the underlying contradiction (it evades me right now) (bet you $1 someone will reply telling what the contradiction is – nothing like showing weakness to trigger a response). So I will go thru it all and use the case in my training material – of course will let you know the outcome. This is great, thanks.