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Not So Funny – Freudian Slippers

Not So Funny – Freudian Slippers

| On 28, Nov 2018

Darrell Mann

Freudian Slips. When you say one thing but mean your mother. So the old cliché goes. Freudian slips reveal contradictions. Or their resolution. Are they Inventive Principle 9, Prior Counter-action? Or Principle 10, Prior Action? Or maybe Principle 7, Breasted Doll?

Here are a few examples. So you can decide for yourself.
Let’s start with the world of the Freudian designer…

Quite scary. This one’s a bit more subtle:

I said ‘a bit’. We haven’t started the really subtle bit yet:

I’m still not sure whether the missing ‘P’ is part of the story?
But isn’t that the ultimate flaw in Freud’s whole argument. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes a banana is just a banana…

Remember, only six months shopping time until Christmas…

Or maybe…


Personally, I think the failure to rethink the shape of the bottle is a lost opportunity. A cigar might just be cigar, but a bottle is rarely just a bottle.