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Not So Funny – 3D Stupid

Not So Funny – 3D Stupid

| On 01, Apr 2020

Darrell Mann

The 3D-printing revolution is in full swing. We can now 3D-print just about anything. Including a few things we probably shouldn’t.

For some reason food seems to be an early target:

I think my favourite is Mobius-Bacon…

…it goes on forever, apparently.

Here’s one for the Apple fans. A 2012 competition to 3-D print cool new iPhone accessories. Here are some of my favourites:

Given the proximity of the holiday season, people looking for those last minute stocking-fillers might want to think about the iGrill (top left) or iFlail (bottom left). For all the golfers, there has to be some kind of benefit to the iPutter (top right). Personally, I’m torn between the iPoop or the iPeel. It’s a coin-toss, really.

Speaking of holiday season, try to forget this image before you head to this year’s office party. Photocopying your arse is so last year.

…Pray you don’t get the results of this one in your Secret-Santa parcel.

Far better to start the holiday with Scott Adams…

Wake me up again when the technology boffins work out how to 3D-print pleasant British Airways flight attendants.